who invented the margarita?

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    The margarita was allegedly invented in the 1940s (possibly 1938) at the Rancho La Gloria bar, Tijuana, by bartender Carlos 'Danny' Herrera for fledgling actress Marjorie (Margarita) King who was allergic to most other kinds of alcohol. An alternate legends says Francisco 'Pancho' Morales, a bartender in Tommy's Bar in Ciudad Juarez, made the first margarita on July 4, 1942.

    Yet another story attributes the drink to Margarita Sames, a Texas socialite who brewed up the cocktail for guests at her Acapulco villa, as a challenge in 1948. Her friend Tommy Hilton allegedly took it from there to his hotel chain. In late 1999, she was introduced as the drink's originator at a book signing for The Original Guide to Margaritas and Tequila (BarMedia) by Tucson authors Robert Plotkin and Raymon Flores.

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    The Margarita King

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    Nobody knows who created the margarita, and nobody seems to know how the even older custom of drinking it with a lick of salt and a slice of lime got its start. It would be easier to identify the missing link between man and ape.

  • my sister margarita she got lazy and didn't put the ice back in the freezer and pour some strawberrys in her glass that were soggy after a couple of hours when she was eating to help heal her broken heart and pour liquor as she got thirsty and vola

    i wish i had a sister!


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    in 1949 a bartender named john durlesser was a bartender at tail o the clock in l.a it appeared in the contest the all american cocktail contest the name margarita is from his girlfriend who was killed in a hunting accident 23 years before the contest.

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    I don't know... but I wanna hug their neck!!! I love margaritas! :)

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    I don't know but I'm really glad they did. Me and my Mom have one occasionaly together. A special time for me and my dear Mom.

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    someone that i would consider a party god! I would love to shake their hand and have a drink with em

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    well of or rich mexicans,like the Pina colada

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    Jimmy Buffet........you know, "wasted away again in Margaritaville."

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