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Top 2 to start - T Barber, T Bell & J Jones ?

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    I'd start Tatum Bell and Julius Jones over Tiki Barber, since Oakland is allowing 150.3 rushing yards per game, 29th in the league, while Houston is allowing 139.8 rushing yards per game, 25th in the league. Tiki Barber might have a hard time against a Falcons defense that is allowing just 69.3 rushing yards per game. Good luck.

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    Tiki, and Bell.....Jones is great trust me I had him for like 4 weeks did really good for me but, he has missed out on like 3 td runs in the last three weeks I just got tired of it....So I traded him before he gets hurt anyways I would just put my money on Barber and Bell, Don't underestimate Bell he's a machine....

  • 1 decade ago

    tiki and jones

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