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Trade: S Alexander for W. Parker and Steve Smith?

I actually would be giving up: Shaun Alexander (RB) and John Casey (K)

And I would get: Steve Smith (WR) Willie Parker (RB) and Jay Feeley (K)

I have D Mcnabb and the rest of my team is great, my only weakness is WR. Is this a good trade for me??

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    i agree that this is probably a good trade, however, don't lose sight of the total points you get over a season with a kicker. and john kasay will be a huge loss, especially with delhomme not playing at top performance, many of carolina's points come from kasay who is a terrific kicker. gl! (as a true panther fan, i TOTALLY would love to see you redeem your trade with a huge game by smith tomorrow!!!)

  • JSAM
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    Definitely go for it!

    Smith is the ultimate WR and Alexander will be question marked for the rest of the season because of his foot. As long as you are solid in RB, definitely go for the trade.

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    yes do this trade only if u have another good RB now that Smith is back he will get the ball alot and willie parker has a great o-line to run behind so ya do the trade

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    Do the deal. Parker remains a tyop flight RB and also you want a backup RB more advantageous than you do a backup WR, es[pecially with Westbrook! however if Smith turns issues round (and he will) it nevertheless helps your team to get Parker. IMO.

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    not a bad upgrade at WR... plus u get a decent back with it

    id say this is a good trade

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    yes alexander is horrible without hutchingston and plus he's just getting of an injury

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