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What does CC do? Like BCC and To..?


isnt CC like TO then?

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    CC is Carbon Copy, kinda like I am saying something to you, but I am saying it out loud so that the person listed in the CC can hear what I am saying and what I am telling you, and you know that the other people know what I am saying to you. Sort of like keeping them on the loop.

    BCC is Blind Carbon Copy, kinda like CC thing, but the person I am listing on the BCC knows what I am saying to you and to the rest of the CC list, but the BCC person is hiden, no one in the mailing list knows that he is listening and knows what we were talking about.

    Ethics, its unprofessional to add a BCC unless to yourself, normally I will use forward, kinda of like telling the 3rd person a privilage information, FYI thing.

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    TO = The first addressee of an email

    CC = Carbon Copy that every receiver can also see who else got the same copy.

    BCC = Blind Carbon Copy is the same as above only none of them know you also sent this other person a BCC but this person can see who else got this same message.

    I hope this isn't too confusing. It's just like the order of this message. To and cc can all see one another but can't see BCC, But BCC sees it all. ;)

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    CC stands for carbon copy (back in the days when when we actually used carbon paper to make copies) and BCC means Blind Carbon Copy - meaning the person in the TO: doesnt know that another person got a copy of the email.

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    CC sends a copy to someone, BCC is a blind carbon copy, it sends a copy but the other person can't see who you sent it to.

    There really is no point to CC over just having multiple To's. But sometimes you want to let the person know that you are just copying them and you aren't directing the email to them directly.

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    CC is(Carbon Copy) used just as TO, all address' entered there are seen by the public.When you enter a e-mail address' in the BCC(Blind Carbon Copy)it is private no one can see who is enter there except the person that receives it.Hope I have been a help...

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    CC is carbon copy and it sends a duplicate of your message to whoever you specify. BCC is blind carbon copy, it also duplicates the message but doesn't include anyone else's Email address on the copied message.

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    Courtesy Copy and ... Courtesy Copy B!

    or it might be like where you get a response when they open it... no wait that's wrong...

    ok looked it up:

    Yeah it is Carbon Copy

    Also found this about BCC:

    Blind Carbon Copy

    "In the context of e-mail, blind carbon copy, abbreviated BCC, refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that what they receive does not contain the complete list of recipients." - Wikipedia

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    To = who you are specifically sending the message to.

    CC = (carbon copy) who you want to see the message, but it's not necessarily directed to.

    BCC = (blind carbon copy) who you want to see the message, but it's not necessarily directed to AND you don't want anyone else to know this person got the message.

    You don't HAVE to use CC this way - but it's what was intended when the option was included in e-mail.

    For example, if I have a meeting with a client at noon and I want to see if the client still expects to make it, I would put the client in the To field and my boss (so he could see I e-mailed the client and the client can see the boss knows I'm asking) in the CC field.

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    CC is carbon copy. it send a whole copy to someome of the message.

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