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Stocking my 20 gallon tropical freshwater aquarium. Is this ok? (look in details)...?

Would this be ok for my 20 gal? I was thinking of about 5 guppies, 2 platies, 1 dwarf gourami, and a couple of oto's. Would all of those fit in my tank ok? Do oto's both eat algae, and left overs on the bottom?


Yeah, I know they reproduce fast, but that's why I have a 2.5 gallon minibow, I can put babies there. Also, if I miss a birth, then the parents get a tasty snack haha. They can eat some because I know there willl be many. Will they eat like all of them?

Update 2:

And a couple of neon tetras.

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    Thats ok...just an FYI though....if you get just 5 guppies that 5 will soon turn into 500. Guppies are MAJOR multipliers, as well as Platies. The only was to avoid getting 500 guppies is to get only males, however male guppies will fight and rip each others fins apart. Thats why in the small tanks in PetCo that are stocked with male guppies the guppies are all tattered.

    With the Platies you can tell the difference between male and female realtivly easily. The female has a triangular shaped fin on her belly near her tail, and the male has a stick shaped one. Male platies are ok together.

    Finally, otos. Yes, Otos are algae eaters and bottom cleaners. As with all schooling fish get an uneven number so they school not pair up. And the Dwarf Gourami should be no problem.

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    The rule of thumb for an aquarium is 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon of water. How many pounds of gravel do you have in your tank? This reduces the amount of water that it contains also. Guppies & goldfish are considered a starter fish and are generally amonia producing fish from their waste. I have never heard of an oto before, but a bottom feeder would be a welcome addition to catch what food the others don't eat.

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    as for your 20 gallon tank? theres an old rule of thumb? there is a rule of 1 inch-per-gallon. when andding fish without over crowding. so as for your 20 gallon tank goes, using the inch rule you should hold no more than twenty inches of fish. how you utilize those inches is up to you? 10-1 inch fish, and 3-2 inch fish, and 1-4 inch fish. or anything in-between its your choice? go from there? or ask your pet shop personnel.

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    look it up on the inter net! o o and i wouldnt get 5 guppies unless you get all males or all females. they reproduce like craaazy!!!

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    i agree to all of the people who answered yes or thier okay...

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