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請問有關舒伯特 four impromptus op. 90 no.2 &3

four impromptus op. 90 no.2

four impromptus op. 90 no.3

請問可否分析彧概述這兩首樂曲?thank you

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    four impromptus

    op. 90 no.2 E flat major


    A section

    Allegro,mainly tiriplet runs in the right hand,consisting of scales

    modulate from E flat major to G flat major,then E flat minor and then back to E flat major again.

    The A section can be subdivided into an ABA itself.

    B section

    B minor, some sad and passionate here with some heavy accents,in contrast with the light mood of the A section.

    modulate to E minor in the middle and then back to B minor.

    The A section is then repeated.

    CODA Base on the material of the B section bringing the piece to end vigrously in E flat minor.


    G falt major Andante

    This is chiefly ABA coda form again

    It is a beautiful song.

    Right hand contain the melody and triplet accompany figurations,left hand has some solem octaves.(beware of some hidden melody in the left hand when you play.)

    A section in G flat major,with some modulation to C flat major in the middle.

    B section starts with E flat minor and the section has more sad feeling.

    Then A section is repeated and the piece ends peacefully in G flat major.

    Cantabile playing in of utmost importance in playing this piece.

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    e flat major,composed by scales and mainly step by step pattern,middle part,big contrast in b minor,as well as coda

    g flat major,song like with accompaniment like a flowing motion

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