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Reading is fun

我要oral presentation 呀~

個topic係 reading is fun





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    我可以為你提供一些意見,不過最後還是要看你自己怎樣鋪排整個 presentation.其實這個題目傾向要你解釋為何 “reading is fun ”

    --- Do you think reading is fun? (作為你的第一句,以問題形式引起聽眾的興趣。若果你的 presentaton 是較 interactive,你甚至可以邀請同學回答,當然,答案只限於 Yes OR No,最多問一至兩個同學便足夠了。)

    --- Convince others that ”reading is indeed a fun thing to do” (開始用不同的理由說服聽眾閱讀是有樂趣的。若果有同學答 NO,你可以加一句:“Oh, really? No problem. Let me prove that you’re wrong. ”)

    --- You can learn a lot from reading different kinds of books, ranging from fictions/newspapers (leisure reading) to textbooks/references (academic reading) (透過閱讀不同種類的刊物或書籍,大家可以學到些什麼呢?如:時事、人生道理、學習語言(包括中英文)、科學、周遭的環境,等等)

    --- Share your own experience with others (if any) (可以分享你的閱讀經驗,閱讀為你帶來什麼好處,不用講得太長。)

    --- Encourage others to read more and hope that they will enjoy their reading. (可以作為總結)


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  • 1 decade ago

    it is good for your to write it yrself...

    so i dun write it for you...

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