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What is Bio-energy ?(急需!!!)

What is Bio-energy ?(急需!!!)

please answer in english and

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    Bioenergy is stored energy from the sun contained in materials such as plant matter and animal waste, known as biomass. Biomass is considered renewable because it is replenished more quickly when compared to the millions of years required to replenish fossil fuels. The wide variety of biomass fuel sources includes agricultural residue, pulp/paper mill residue, urban wood waste, forest residue, energy crops, landfill methane, and animal waste.

    Energy in the form of electricity, heat, steam, and fuels can be derived from these sources through conversion methods such as direct combustion boiler and steam turbines, anaerobic digestion, co-firing, gasification, and pyrolysis. The co-firing method mixes biomass with coal, and may be the best near-term economic opportunity for biomass, particularly in combined heat and power applications, which make the most efficient use of biomass.

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    Use Yahoo Dictionary!

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    Bio-energy is a term used to describe energy derived from organic materials—living plants and plant components. Crops grown for bio-energy include traditional crops such as wheat and oilseed rape, but also dedicated energy crops, like short-rotation willow-coppice, unusual grasses and forestry products.

    The production of bio-energy is gathering more and more attention as a feasible way of reducing dependence on imported oil and gas and is even being hailed as one of the potential key weapons in the battle against global warming.

    As the European Commission brings bio-energy into the spotlight with a view to promoting its production in Europe, BirdLife International has been exploring the issue in depth, to discover what growth in the 'new industry' could really mean for the environment and birds.

    “If managed sustainably, the use of biomass, biogas and biofuels could help us to cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ariel Brunner, Agriculture Policy Officer at BirdLife International, “However, without adequate regulation and a well developed EU policy on the industry, widespread and rapid uptake of growing crops for bio-energy production could have devastating impacts on the environment.”

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