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    It's obvious that British Council is much better.

    It provides a variety of course to different people; based on your language level, you may choose one of them which suits for you.

    The study environment is good, there is information center you may borrow some books for yourself (once you get the borrow card), also those teachers are very nice and helpful.

    probably you can take the particular exam after you finished the course. The international english test, like IELTS, is organised by British Council (HK), you only can take this reputable exam in the center of British Coucil.

    though it is a bit expensive(no matter the course or the application fee of the exam), it is worth to apply for it. :- )


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    I think British Council is better, though I have not been to a course of the other school. I joined the course in British Council in Primary School and Secondary School. Though it is a bit expensive, the course content did help me to get good grades in open exams.

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