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初到美洲的黑人做常唱的就做活歌(work song)了 這是一種為排解工作辛勞所發展出的吟唱歌曲 有一首爵士名曲就叫做work song 強烈的節拍傳達了黑奴在烈日下勤奮的工作的畫面.. 做活歌中輪流應答的特色 是爵士樂表演的重要技巧 它可以應用在演唱者樂團之間 也可 以應用在樂器的演奏之間 不論何種 都能產生一問一答的呼應樂趣.......

爵士樂誕生在19世紀末 黑奴解放後 累積以久的黑人音樂文化終於引爆 就在19世紀末 美國著名的內戰--南北戰爭宣告結束 因為戰爭結果後 軍樂器大跌價 使他們有能力購買 樂器 而多數的黑人家庭將昂貴的鋼琴視作再窮都希望擁有的精神糧食 這種對音樂的熱愛 使得大量的 黑人樂師出現在表演酒吧裡...音樂不再只是娛樂 更是討生活的方法 為了擁有更多的聽眾支持 這些樂師無不將本身擅長的做活歌 福音歌曲 街頭行進 及散拍音樂(Ragtime) 等元素大量運用在表演上 演變出更新更炫的表演躆頭 就這樣 一個音樂大交流時代 早期的爵士樂開始 就在19世紀末誕生了

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    It is often sung that the American black person arrives for the first time activates the song (work song) It works for mediating to be the more painstaking to develop there aren't one that appear to this Exert oneself work picture.. Characteristic activated and is replied in turn in the song It is a performance important skill of the jazz It can apply to singer orchestra Will do In order to apply to the play of the musical instrument No matter which kind of Can produce a concord enjoyment of asking one and answering .......

    The jazz was born at the end of the 19th century The black slave is after liberation Accumulated and ignited at last with long black music culture Just at the end of the 19th century Civil war of the name of U.S.A. --The Civil War ends Because of the war result The musical instrument of the army makes a reduction greatly Make them have the ability to buy Musical instrument And most black families regard the expensive piano as poorer spiritual grain that all hope to have This kind of love of the music Ones that make it generous Black musician appears in performing the bar ...The music is no longer only amusement Method to seek living especially In order to more audiences support Song of activating that these musicians are good at itself invariably Good news song Advance in the street And break up and shoot the music (Ragtime) Wait for elements to use in the performance in a large amount Develop out and upgrade the performance that is dazzled even more The head is great on such a music to exchange the early jazz of era and begin to emerge at the end of the 19th century

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    The beginning goes to the black of Americas to do to often sing of did to live song(the work song) this is a kind of for mediate what the work toil develops to sing song to have a jazz song to be called the mightiness of work song of the rhythm informed a Negro slave diligent under the hot sun of the appearance of the work.. Do to live song in by turn should answer of the special features is the important technique that jazz performs and can be applied Be singing on stage of the band that can also give musical performance in the musical instrument by application no matter what it is can produce answer to each question successively to act in cooperation fun.......

    The jazz birth accumulates to set off finally by long black music culture after 19 centuries end Negro slave relieve at 19 century, well-known civil war in end the United States-the south north war announce be over because war result after the military music machine the big price drop make them have an ability to purchase musical instrument and the black family of the most see expensive piano to make again poor all hope own of spirit food this kind of makes a great deal of black bandsman appear to musical passions in the performance bar...Music's no longer just amusing is also the method for begging for life for owning more audiences to support these bandsmans to all do what oneself excel to live the song evangel song street to march forward and spread to clap music(Ragtime) to wait for an element, a great deal of usage turns into renewal to dazzle more on the performance of the performance Ju head so a music communicates greatly jazz of times earlier period beginning in 19 centuries, the end was born

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