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請問, 美國目前有哪些博士班是有TESL Degree or Applied Linguistics Degree的呢? 之前我有找到一個網站, 它有全美具有Doctoral program in TESL 的學校表列出來, 可是現在找不到那個網站了... 急件!! 煩請各位救救我... 感激感激!!

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    U of Georgia

    Purdue University

    Indiana University-Bloomington

    U of Pittsburg

    U of Florida

    Florida State Univ

    Iow State Univ

    Penn State Univ

    U of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Reading education with focus on TESOL)

    Indiana Univ of Penn

    U of Memphis

    Northern Arizona University

    U of Arizona

    U of Alabama

    U of Texas-Austin (foreign lang education)

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    Iowa State University (...not Iow)

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    Here are a few more:Georgetown UniversityMichigan State UOhio State UU of KansasU of Maryland-College Park

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