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roger asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



litl is moving on high volume

liti is getting ready to go thru the roof

watch litl soar on friday october 13

commpany:l intl computers inc(other otc:lintl pk)

symbol: litl

thur close $1(+4% on thur alone!)

5-day target: $15

current rating: strong buy


under$15:strong by

over $20moderate sell

about litl:

founded in 2002. l international computers inc. produces,markets and distributes

high-performance, opulent pc/windows laptop,desktop,workstation and server

computers. the company also produces the largest and most spectacular

personal pre0fessional computer displays and ultra-high performance software,

peripherals and technologies

the pressure is on! litl can't go anywhere but up!

this one will definitely hit highs!

add litl to your radar and watch it trade on fri oct 13

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  • litl 正在繼續高的體積

    liti 正在準備好經過屋頂去

    在 friday october 13 上的手錶 litl 高飛範圍

    commpany:l intl 電腦 inc (其他的 otc:lintl pk)

    象徵: litl

    thur 接近的$1(在 thur 上的 +4% 孤獨的!)

    5 天的目標: $15

    現在的評分等級: 強勁地買



    超過$20 溫和主義者賣

    關於 litl:

    在 2002 年建立。 l 國際的電腦 inc。 農產品,推銷而且分配



    Source(s): 自己+辭典
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