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My boyfriend has had bad dermatitis since June. Does anyone have a good remedy?

He has been unsuccessfully treated with cortisone meds cream since june. He is taking fish oil and evening primrose oil and he uses a moisturiser on his body. Funny thing is he used to be a chronic hayfever sufferer but this seems to be replaced by the dermatitis. Maybe unrelated but in May he was on a strong set of antibiotics following a bad lung infection. He also was freezing all of winter which is really unusual as he is usually hot and sweaty. The doctors have not been able to help and the itch is sending us both crazy so any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Try an oatmeal bath. They sell it at the drug store and it's a good treatment for just such malidies. It should stop the itch and perhaps offer a phycosematic type cure, sort of like a placebo.

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    Is it by any chance Allergic Dermatitis? In such a case, the cause of the allergy has to be identified and eliminated. What is the dermatologist suggesting? Maybe a second opinion can help./

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    Steroids is just a temperorary relief. You can try Liquid Zeolite, a natural product. For more information, you can email me at because I don't want to be accused of spam&advertising. I know of someone who face similar problem especially gets worse during winter and he use the above liquid zeolite. Hope you recover asap.

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    I tested this 100% all natural remedy to relieve eczema symptoms and treat the underlying problems

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    I would tell him to stop taking everything, and use cucumbers. They work wonders. Only use moisturisers that have natural ingredients.

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    Try bathing with Epsom salts.

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    sorry i don't know

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