Can a Gay guy and a Straight man love eachother as homosexuals and the straight guy remain straight?

Two DUDES..One is gay. One is Straight. They love eachother. They are committed to eachother. Can the straight guy claim to be straight and still be in a homosexual relationship? Or is he a closet case? Or is he bisexual?

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    I've known a gay guy who fell in love with and married a straight woman. Their love for one another was stronger and tougher than the sex he was (generally) attracted to. So I'd say yes, if the straight guy was so attracted to everything about this gay guy except his gender, that their attraction and companionship might overcome the fact that he's sexually attracted to girls.

  • Kristi
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    4 years ago

    A group of the closeted gay men who do not practice gay sex tend to act very anti gay to try to balance out any 'giveaways' that they might be a homosexual by orientation. Unfortunately most of them put more pressure on themselves by mixing with other anti gay people who share their 'fake' beleifs. For gay men who have come out the closet to everyone and practice gay sex: then I would say no. Most of them tend to act very much how they like when they are in a gay bar. There is no stigma attached to being macho in a gay bar and a few gay men are like that, but many I think are just not terribly good at it hehe. When gay people are walk down a street and pass a gang of 8 hoodies they might put on a bit of a macho front so they do not look like targets, and they will not tell them they are gay. However straight men do exactly the same and it is just called being street wise. However some gay men probably have to put on more of an act than most for their survival in a society where not all groups of people tolerate homosexuality brilliantly well. On the whole I would say that OPENLY gay men tend to be more open and feel less pressure to behave in a certain way because they have already surpassed certain barriers by opting out of being like the conventional norm. However some straight people could be just as self assured and individual and alternative, but because they have no feelings for the same sex some of them might show it by being different/unique in other ways. However you do find small groups within gay communities like cliques and regulars of the same gay bar, who know one another and gossip a lot about each other and critisise fashion and things like that. Personally I do not care much for those types of people.

  • waggy
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    The definition of homosexual is sexually attracted either solely or primarily to members of the same sex. Therefore defining an attraction ie is it sexual or not can be a hard thing. Therefore I would say why look for a definition you go on and have the relationship that you feel comfortable with, don't worry about definitions they just get in the way. The main thing is, as long as you and this straight man are happy, that's all that counts.

  • Dragon
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    He can claim to be straight, but if he's in a homosexual relationship & is sexually & romatically committed to the other guy, he's either gay or bisexual.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the straight man likes women he is bisexual. Otherwise he is a closet case.

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    They can "claim" anything they want(including g0y) but if he is having a physical sexual relationship with another man he is Bisexual/gay.

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    If two men are in a homosexual relationship they they are both obviously gay! They can love each other as best friends, but if they love each other as lovers then they are gay!

  • Yes they can, I have been through this. When I was in the Marines I fell in Love with my best friend. We were lovers for 2 years. That was my coming out, I knew I was gay. I fell in love but he wasn't gay. He did love me though. He had a girlfriend that he married and had a child. He must have been Bi but choose women over men. I still think about him and how he is doing.

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    How in the hell can they be "committed" to each other and one claim to be "straight"..... Someone's been smoking that sh-t again...... Once they've transfered over... they are over...

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    All of the above, you answered your own question. You can't say my BF gay but I am not.

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