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Troll 2 background movie.?

I have a question about Troll 2:

At some point in the movie, all of the big sister's boyfriends are in that trailer watching a movie where a monkey flys away like a rocket or something, looks like an old sci fi show or something. Anyone know what movie/tv show that is?

If you've never seen Troll 2 or didn't like it, don't bother replying, because I find you unworthy of the life you lead.

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    This is an awesome question! I'll have to ask my younger bro. as he has the movie on video. It actually seems like my older bro. may know. The best part of the movie is at the end:

    "Do you want some, Joshua?"


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    troll one has to make me laugh till i pee my pants, the part with the baby trolls coming alive...notice the little pig troll...omg i cant contain the laughter

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