I'am looking for the web address for the free drug program called PPA advertised by Montell Williams?

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    A Google search for PPA turned up two references you may be interested in. www.freemedicinefoundation.com supposedly gets free medicine to families whose income is as high as $80,000 Another reference stated FDA has requested the drug Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) be removed from all medications. A Google search for Montel Williams gave two more web site addresses: www.montelshow.com and www.montelms.org (This site fights Muscular Dystrophy).

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    You should be able to find the site using a regluar search engine. The full name for this is Patient Prescription Assistance. I use to do PPA for numerous patients when I worked in a clinic...but I dont work anymore due to cancer.

    Good luck....hope this helps.

    PS---most doctor's offices can get you this information...but not all of them will do the "leg work" to get your medicines. Most of the programs are based on your income (tax return required unless you didnt work...then there is a voucher they will make you sign). IM me if I can help you more...using yahoo messenger..bandaid_queen_73722

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    it should be listed on his web site montel williams....

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