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Seeking a solution to an esd problem.?

I have a severe esd problem in a 2006 freightliner columbia. It has fried an xm radio, a cb radio, and a ice warner. The cause is the seat material. Spraying with ststic guard will help for a few days. I would like to find a more permanent solution.

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    The only real way to remove the possibility of ESD damage is to remove the various causes. It could be the seat material, and if so you would want to change it. You might also check what clothing you are wearing, because it may be that interaction with the seat material causing the static. Are the radios properly grounded? Does the truck have a chain or anything to ground it? Running thru the air a vehicle can build up a lot of static that can transfer to you and/or your (maybe improperly grounded) electronics.

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    try a seat cover made of a different material.

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