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which is the best romantic dining place in gurnee /libertyville/vernon hills?

i want to take my husband out for his birthday ...looking out for a restaurant with gr8 fud &ambience

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    The Greenery, 117 North Ave., Barrington, 847-381-9000. What was once an early-1900s schoolhouse is now a charming restaurant whose dining space is divided among small rooms and intimate alcoves -- a perfect setting for the creative American food on the menu. Mention in advance that you're celebrating an anniversary/birthday and your table will be decorated with ribbons and confetti.

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    Tavern on Milwaukee Ave downtown Libertyville

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    if you want to drive down to willow road (near the huge all state complex) there is a wonderful Italian resturant that Has the best itailian food, It is Called LEONA"S. My Boyfriend and i eat there every time we drive to Gurnee . they light candles in the evening and they have italian music playing.

    It is very romantic and after eating there it puts us in the mood :)

    If you want to check it out the website is

    They don't have the address listed for the willow road exit but there is a menu and you can get an idea of what to expect.

    I recommend the psycodelic salad with garlic dressing, kickass garilic bread, romano crusted chicken, mushroom portabello chicken, well pretty much everything is GREAT there. We were lucky to find one near us we still have to drive 50 miles to eat but its well worth it :) we have never had a bad experiance . Also with your dinner they give you a wheel of fresh hot bread that melts in your mouth. And they dont mind giving you another wheel to take home ( we dont get charged for it)

    By the way you get a lot so it is wise to order something diffrent so that way you can share.

    Source(s): I Love Italian food, Leonas is the best after 20 trips and zero Complaints I know what im talking about
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    try you will find something there

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