how can i get a full schorlarship to pursue a doctorate in Information and systems for developing countries ,?

I live in a developing country, run an NGO for technology appropriate transfer to deveoping coiuntries to bridge the digital divide, which can also reduce poverty , reduce employment through outsourcing, to menation a few benefits. with access to approprite technology, the digital divide can be converged if not bridged. Im not a core techie but think in this knowledge driven millenium, access to real time appropriate technology and information would make a lot of difference.

Moreover, the economic limitations of people in developing countries inhibit our ability to professionally participate in the global markets. Globalisation and the millinium development (MDG)goalshave make it imperative t to compete with the tools of our conterparts. The world is not measured by the cost of production or the cheapness as opposed to the level of committment to knowledge acqu for it snation.

I want to do a PHD program with focus on information, communication and technology for developing nat

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  • Dianna
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Check with your government. Most of them have set aside budgets for this, you may have to do a lot of paper work and do some research for them.

    2. Check with the university you intended to go to. Most universities have scholarship programs and they can help you find money. is also a good source for scholarship information.

  • yakel
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    3 years ago

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