What is a good honeymoon registry website?

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I'm planning my wedding and instead of having a gift registry my fiance and I want to have a honeymoon registry. Does anyone have any suggestions for good ones to checkout?
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Try www.thehoneymoon.com. It looks like they have an easy way to register!
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  • weddingqueen answered 8 years ago
    You should note that there may be some guests who do not recieve the idea of a honeymoon registry well. It's still a new concept so you might want to think about having a couple of registries. (No more than 3). The Home Depot has one now and who can't use a gift for home improvement these days? Here is a list of gift and gift registry sites : http://topweddingsites.com/gifts-and-reg...
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  • BC Travel Co. answered 8 years ago
    We offer a free honeymoon registry when couples book their travel through our company. We work with couples to customize their honeymoon site including excursions, honeymoon hours and more. To visit our free honeymoon registry site go to twototravel.net and to visit our travel website go to bctravelcompany.com. We are certified honeymoon specialists and would be happy to help you find the perfect place to honeymoon. Free consultations and quotes while working with our honeymoon specialists. For more information including how to contact us visit bctravelcompany.com and check our our honeymoon web page.

    BC Travel Company
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  • nectarwmn answered 8 years ago
    Check out http://www.HomeGrownMarket.com - you can create any kind of gift registry there...and above all you are supporting American small businesses and entrepreneurs who sell through the site also so people might be more inclined to get you something :)...
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  • Kyle M answered 8 years ago
    Using a Honeymoon Registry is a great idea!

    I know not everyone uses these but if they only knew what this can do to make a very affordable memorable honeymoon vacation.

    I am a travel agent and I have my own booking search engine. On my website I have a section solely for a Honeymoon Registry.

    Please visit my site and read about what it can do for you and see how reputable it truly is. I think you'll be impressed.

    It offers honeymoons all over the world, a free wedding website, announcements of the registry as inserts for your invitations, and is done with a lot of class. The guests can send you a card via email or can print off their card and give it to you at the wedding.

    Best of all its totally free for you to use!

    We have had thousands of satisfied couples just since 2003!

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    I would love to help any way I can.

    Good Luck on your search!


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  • Etiquette Gal answered 8 years ago
    None. Please do not do this. It is very poor etiquette to have a honeymoon registry.

    Just because the wedding and honeymoon industry have invented something new so they can make a buck, doesn't necessarily mean it is always a good idea or good manners to use the thing.

    Plus, those registries charge a big percentage of the money that has been gifted-- I have seen between 6 and 8 percent.

    Just sit back and allow those folks who choose to gift you with wedding money do so. Then you can spend that gift money as you wish. Do not be tacky and register for your honeymoon.


    Book: Miss Manners on Weddings
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  • kcastillo1220 answered 8 years ago
    Log onto the Wedding Channels web site and register. They have so much information for honeymoons. They have the registries as well. Good luck!
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