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Why do people tend to block busy doorways?

Have you noticed people that people tend to stop and talk in busy doorways? They see someone they know, decide to talk, and stop right next to or in the doorway... I'm not saying they shouldn't talk or that they should ignore people they know...just move out of the doorway, so you don't block everyone else that has someplace to go!! What causes this phenomenon? Is it a lack of courtesy? It is ignorance? Is it a "power" thing ("HA!!, everyone has to wait for me. I'm the boss!!")? What is the deal?


Damn Jen...probably because I'm an idiot with an IQ of 63. Maybe because I'm so dumb, I can't think of anything better to ask. Maybe because my brain is's broken and I don't know what to do...maybe I cry myself to sleep because I can't get my friggin' neurons to fire properly...ALL MY NEURONS ARE DUMB!!! WWHHHAAAAAA!!!!


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    I think people decide to stop to talk wherever they happen to be. Because you are more likely to see someone you know in a busy place with many people, it's more likely that people will decide to stop right there in the busy place to have their chat. That might be a busy doorway, a stairwell, a hallway, or wherever. If the place weren't busy enough to bring in people that, by chance, other people know, then people wouldn't stop there, and it also wouldn't be busy, and it would not be significant.

  • Well, there are several possibilites why people would block the busy doorways:

    1. They are inconsidarate

    2. Because they can

    3. Because noone tell them that it is not OK to block the doorways

    4. Because there's no sign on it

    5. Because it's not written in constitution.

    6. No negative consequences given by doing so.

    There's nothing we can do to fix it by expecting others to use common courtesy as it has been degraded. It has to be ruled by law and a serious consequences such s a fine. Take example smoking. It used to be a common courtesy in the past for smokers to smoke outside and no signs or laws needed to impose smokers to do so. As more and more discourteous smokers outnumbered courteous smokers it has become a law nowadays for many places that force people to smoke outside within certain distance from public buildings. Sadly nowadays as long as there's no negative consequences on misbehaving in public people would still continue doing it.

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    Wow! Jen W is accusing you of not being smart enough? She needs to learn how to spell.

    Anyway, I really don't know why people tend to block doorways. Maybe they just happen to "bump" into each other while one is going in and the other is coming out. In my opinion, it is a lack of courtesy. They should say a short "hi" and move on. If they want to chat for a while they should move to the side.

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    I know that's right! See I'm courteous-unlike everyone else. If I do see someone that I know and stop and talk I get the hell out of the way b/c I'm not the only person in the damn store. People wouldn't have done this crap a few years ago. It is all in how you are raised.

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    I'll agree mostly with COW MENTALITY. But the more intellectual answer probably lies in the fact that doors are the focal moving points. People wait there for people, people are funneled there, and once your there you have if there's no absolute place in the building your going you'll not know where to go. There's a psychological stop to movement, like if I told you to meet me at grand central'd go to a door enter slightly and look in...then try to find me. the trouble is that some of these cows stop right in the doorway to look at the note again...cause they have arrived...and don't know what to do next. Hey cow MOOOOOOO.......VE.

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    Yeah, I've noticed? But how do you deal with the problem? Most of us probably feel like body slamming the person, then saying something like, "Oh, I'm sorry - didn't see you standing there in the DOORWAY". But.......I guess we all just take it in stride and say, "excuse me, but I need to get thru......"

    Perhaps those who are guilty will recognize themselves and get out of the doorway when they are talking to someone!!!!

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    Once again it is being inconsiderate of others and rude. I just walk by and clearly say excuse me. If I bump them, then so what.

    Too many people in this world thing the world revolves around them and consequently, think they can be rude.

    The other thing that drives me nuts is when somebody rushes to cut in front of you somewhere (e.g. in a store), then stops right in front of you (Costco especially).

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    When people gather together they become oblivious to their surroundings. Like the lady in the Orthopedics office I was in the other day. She was going on and on talking on the telephone to a "boyfriend" about how he made her feel like a "s*ut". Sheeeesh!!! I didn't want to hear that.

    It either total oblivion or just plain rudeness on their part.

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    When people want to talk they don't pay attention to where they stop and talk. If you have to say something to somebody do you take the time to pull them to the side, wait until everyone is gone and then start talking?

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    Some are in their own little world ; and out of touch with the real world . When you realize they usually do not even realize they are in the way , it's easier to avoid getting frazzled by it . It's only a little inconvenience .

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