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born on 4th feb. anyone?

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    Not me but all these:

    William Harrison Ainsworth Novelist 4-Feb-1805 3-Jan-1882 The Tower of London

    Gabrielle Anwar Actor 4-Feb-1970 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

    George Argyros Business 4-Feb-1937 Billionaire

    Conrad Bain Actor 4-Feb-1923 Phillip Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes

    James G. Birney Activist 4-Feb-1792 25-Nov-1857 Abolitionist Liberty Party candidate

    Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. Politician 4-Feb-1947 Congressman, Georgia 2nd 1993-

    Clint Black Country Musician 4-Feb-1962 Mixes country with rock/pop

    David Brenner Comic 4-Feb-1945 Guest on Tonight Show 158 times

    Cam'ron Rapper 4-Feb-1976 The Diplomats

    Norman Campbell Film Director 4-Feb-1924 12-Apr-2004 TV director, producer

    Alice Cooper Musician 4-Feb-1948 No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Rob Corddry Comic 4-Feb-1971 Senior correspondent, The Daily Show

    Gavin DeGraw Musician 4-Feb-1977 I Don't Wanna Be

    Friedrich Ebert Head of State 4-Feb-1871 28-Feb-1925 German Chancellor 1918-19

    Ludwig Erhard Head of State 4-Feb-1897 5-May-1977 German Chancellor 1963-66

    Betty Friedan Activist 4-Feb-1921 4-Feb-2006 Rights for women spokesperson

    João Batista de Almeida Garrett Playwright 4-Feb-1799 9-Dec-1854 Frei Luís da Sousa

    Bug Hall Actor 4-Feb-1985 Alfalfa in Little Rascals remake

    Oscar De La Hoya Boxing 4-Feb-1973 Mexican-American boxer

    Friedrich Hund Physicist 4-Feb-1896 31-Mar-1997 Quantum tunneling

    Natalie Imbruglia Musician 4-Feb-1975 Torn

    Bernard Kalb Journalist 4-Feb-1922 CBS and NBC news correspondent

    MacKinlay Kantor Author 4-Feb-1904 11-Oct-1977 Andersonville

    Sheila Kaye-Smith Novelist 4-Feb-1887 14-Jan-1956 The End of the House of Alard

    Charles Lindbergh Aviator 4-Feb-1902 26-Aug-1974 Transatlantic soloist

    Ida Lupino Actor 4-Feb-1914 3-Aug-1995 The Man I Love

    Pierre Marivaux Novelist 4-Feb-1688 12-Feb-1763 Marianne

    K. R. Narayanan Head of State 4-Feb-1921 9-Nov-2005 President of India, 1997-2002

    Byron Nelson Golf 4-Feb-1912 26-Sep-2006 Winner of five majors

    Jim Nicholson Government 4-Feb-1938 US Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    Rosa Parks Activist 4-Feb-1913 24-Oct-2005 Wouldn't sit in the back of the bus

    Isabel Peron Head of State 4-Feb-1931 Dancer, President of Argentina 1974-76

    Ludwig Prandtl Physicist 4-Feb-1875 15-Aug-1953 Father of Aerodynamics

    E. J. Pratt Poet 4-Feb-1883 26-Apr-1964 Newfoundland Verse

    Dan Quayle Politician 4-Feb-1947 Vice President under George H.W. Bush

    Josiah Quincy Educator 4-Feb-1772 1-Jul-1864 President of Harvard, 1829-45

    Don Riegle Politician 4-Feb-1938 US Senator from Michigan 1976-95

    George Romero Film Director 4-Feb-1940 Night of the Living Dead

    John Schuck Actor 4-Feb-1940 Sgt. Enright on McMillan and Wife

    Lawrence Taylor Football 4-Feb-1959 NFL hall of famer

    Ken Thompson Computer Programmer 4-Feb-1943 Co-creator of UNIX

    Norman Wisdom Actor 4-Feb-1915 The Great British

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  • Gina
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    4 years ago

    I have a friend who was born on February 4, 1963, and another born on February 4, 1993. How's that? Happy birthday!

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  • 1 decade ago

    no 1-26 but great you are an aquarian

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No March 1st.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st of feb.. kinda close.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I was born on 2nd june...


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  • 1 decade ago

    My sister was......

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