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單字會看會唸 偏偏文法老是出錯…方便的話 希望大大們也能擬個搞給我


1-An ideal place to live

2-My favorite superstar

3-When I am sad

4-Why is learning English important

5-As I was walking home


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    When I am sad, I look for things that will cheer me up. Instead of burying myself in desolation, I look at the situation from a different angle and find something positive about every sad experience.

    When I am sad about fighting with my parents, I remind myself how fortunate I am to have parents. When I am sad about breaking up with my girl/boyfriend, I make myself remember the good times we shared and how those experiences have taught me about becoming a better person. When I am sad about having to wake up early in the morning to go to school, I open up the newspaper and read about all those children in third-world countries who would give anything to be in a classroom. When I am sad about losing a dear friend or family, I make sure they leave only happy memories in my heart and mind so that they can rest easy knowing they will be remembered with fondness instead of sorrow.

    When I am sad, I look to my family and friends for support and love. I count the many blessings in my life and wish to share them with everyone around me. After all, it is entirely up to me to decide whether a glass is half empty or half full.

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    When I am sad about not having enough money for the newest comic book or CD, I picture all those people in the world without food or shelter to last through the day.

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