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Thank you!!

PS例:It's ( )for children to play a ball.


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    1. fun 可以當名詞用, 意思是樂趣, 令人愉快的事, 有趣的人. 而寫作上的用法 funny不作名詞用.

    We had a lot of fun at that party.

    She is very lively and full of fun.

    2. 當形容詞時, fun表示 快樂的, 有樂趣的.

    There are lots of fun things for young people to do here.

    3. funny 作形容詞用, 表示引人發笑的, 好玩的, 通常是形容奇怪的, 難以理解的或是瘋狂的事. 另外一些口語上的用法, 像是不合規定的, 不尊敬的, 生病的等意思.

    That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. (好笑的)

    A funny thing happened to me today. (奇怪的)

    The engine's making a very funny noise. (奇怪的)

    If there has been any funny business, we'll soon find out. (不合規定的)

    Don't you get funny with me! (不尊敬的)

    I feel a bit funny today—I don't think I'll go to work. (生病的)

    She went a bit funny after her husband died. (瘋狂的)

    My computer keeps going funny. (奇怪的)

    所以funny比較偏負面的意思, 用來形容人的話, 就類似小丑專門搞笑, 習慣鬧笑話的人 或是 個性服裝很奇怪讓人覺得好笑.


    It's ( ) for children to play a ball.

    用 fun 表示 對小孩來說玩球是很快樂的.

    用 funny 就表示 小孩玩球是很好笑的, 語意就怪怪的.

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    fun 有趣ㄉ,好玩ㄉ

    funny 可笑ㄉ,滑稽ㄉ


    It's fun to me to play ball 我認為打球是有趣ㄉ

    It's funny to me to play ball 我認為打球是可笑ㄉ

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    Its fun for children to play a ball.

    Fun 是 有趣的意思 ex. 打球很有趣

    Funny 是 好笑 ex笑話很好笑

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