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Question about Taiwan...?

I hear people talk about the country on here, and with China. An I'm not sure what you mean. If anyone can tell me what the hold connection is between those two countries. What that is that would be great. Also you think there is any connection. Like say China made a deal with North Korea, or somethin if they attacked Japan, or South Korea. They would support them if they attacked Taiwan. Thanks.


I know that the trust has been broken. But you think something possibly like that can happen. I mean if we had to fight Iraq, Venzeula, Cuba, China, North Korea, and Iran. That be pretty tough.

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    Taiwan (formerly known as Farmosa at that time) was apart of China, when the Chinese Revolution by Mao began. Chiang Kai Shek was ruling China at that time. However as a result of the revolution, Chiang Kai Shek had to flee the mainland and ended up in Farmosa, where he imposed his government. He thought that one day he might be able to capture the mainland and reinstate his government back on the mainland. This, however was not to happen.

    About the deal matter, Although there are close ties between China & North Korea, China does not support aggression. Had it be the case, China had long ago captured Taiwan by force. At The moment, Chinese are playing a wait and see game. With the handover of Hong Kong and Macau, there is strong belief in Mainland that one day, Taiwan will rejoin the mainland, without the use of force by Communist China. USA also supports the One China policy of Beijing Administration, mainly due to economic ties with Beijing, as the economies of both the countries depend upon each other. However this does not stop USA to provide military asistance to Taiwan

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    Taiwan is ready for any attack by China even when the latter is really powerful. Alliances between North Korea and China existed before but was ruined by the recent nuclear tests.

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  • China (Taiwan included) used to be one country until it was split (roughly 60-70 years ago) when Communism split it between Red China (the mainland) and Taiwan (the Republic of China).

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    Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1895. After the surrender of Japanese troops in 1945, the United States delegated the military occupation of Taiwan to the Chinese Nationalists.

    In late 1949, the Chinese Nationalists (ROC) fled to Taiwan, becoming a government in exile. In the post war peace treaty of 1952, Japan renounced the sovereignty of Taiwan, but no "receiving country" was named.

    Under such circumstances, Taiwan is actually an overseas territory of the USA. However, the US government has not yet admitted this.

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    check your history books and you will see tawain broke off from China when the communists took over China. We support tawain but China has the bigger influrence now so poor tawain will one day be forgotten.

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    two nations

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