Igor Stravinsky/The Rite of Spring?????

Has anyone been to a lecture given by Thomas F. Kelly or Morton B. Knafel, Professor of Music @ Harvard University???

The lecture: Igor Stravinsky's Disastrous Premiere of The Rite of Spring.

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    The first performance of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring for Serge Diaghilev’s Russian Ballet is perhaps the most famous premiere of the 20th century. What many described as a riot involved a stamping, screaming audience, objecting so loudly to the very loud music that the dancers in the ballet could not hear the enormous orchestra playing in the pit just below them. The choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky stood on a chair in the wings shouting numbers to the dancers to keep them together. Stravinsky’s music, coming from a Russian Romantic tradition, was intended to be ritualistic and primitive, and it was. It also shaped the course of music in the 20th century.

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    No, but I listened to that piece every day in my junior year and senior years in High School, and I read about the premier and Stravinsky's autobiography. I was obsessed with that piece. I might be able to shed light.

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    I have no idea I just want to complement you for being so HOT.

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    No, but it sounds interesting.

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    nope, I didnt go to college, so I don't know who they is...

    Did you go to harvard... good for you.

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    Why do you ask?

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