why do people ALWAYS speed up when they move over into the right lane when you're trying to pass them???

it happens EVERY time! They putz around in the passing lane, FINALLY move over, and then SPEED UP. Whats up with that?!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. They don't want you to pass them. 2. They didn't realize how slow they were going until they had you as a reference...so they sped up.

    I often find myself the victim of number 2. I'm cruising along listening to my music, someone starts to pass me and I realize I'm going 5 miles under the speed limit. It takes alot of control to wait for the person to pass then speed up. Took me awhile to stop myself from speeding up automatically.

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    - as a day to day freeway commuter, let me tell you what i think -

    some people will speed up to "protect their comfort zone" that little space we cling to a 60-mph that we say is ours. for the moment.

    - sometimes I'm guilty of the same offense. however, I'll speed up a little bit then back off so as to let the other person know I'm here and now have allowed space for your move.

    - however, one day, in the midst of a torrential rain and the first heavy rain in the season for l.a.i was driving home. it was dark, my windshield wipers were messed up, in a sense i was not having fun. i tried to make as lane change but couldn't do it because the guy behind me sped up. you would think in the midst of all the other stuff happening, bad traffic, poor visibility and late in the evening, he would cut some slack. but he didn't. so my answer would be, it's a control issue for the other driver. and. a very weird control issue at that.

    Source(s): - red river ranger for over twenty years
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    Generally it is because people want to get away from the person they just passed, but if you are trying to pass them and speed up , in my opinion, it is too much NASCAR! Ego plays a big part also, "I'm a better driver" thing or " no one is gonna pass me."I drive for a living and travel all 48 states, it's nation wide, believe me!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    It's a rule in the jerk handbook. It can be found in the chapter just before Road Rage and just after the chapter on Nascar Manuvers on the Freeway and Toll roads!

    Source(s): OTR truck driver...seen it all!
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  • 1 decade ago

    I live in Greece and it happens over here too....its like all of sudden they wake up and decide that no one is allowed to pass them!! I think that it must happen all over the world!!

  • lou b
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    1 decade ago

    It's just stupidity. People hate being passed. It causes needless accidents.

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