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i dont know wht to do...?

our term got over me and 2 of my friends were going to have a girls day out tomorrow.but whn i called thm up 2 confirm d program & decide abt the time we would meet at the mall,one of thm says she has to go some place & doesnt tell why.she just says she has got some wrk.the other says its ok with her if we go out but better if we dont.we decided abt tomorrow's programme atleast a fortnite in advance.whn i called thm both were together at the cafe.I also heard some guys voice in background.i think they are going out with their boyfriends.i dont understand tht if they are going out with their bfs why arent they telling me.i feel hurt.they are also taking me for granted nowadays.during the exams whenever they have a doubt they wud call me up and ask but when i ask they say you know we dont know anything whras they knew everything.i am better at studies at than both of them so i dont mind solving their doubts but i dont even like this.wht shud i do?i am confused pls help me thnx

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    They sound like they are friends when it is convenient for them. I would not totally dump them but I would make them more of casual friends and start hanging around some other friends that are true ones. You will be happier in the long run.

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    hey y u thinking like this its good if they dont tell u abt their life they r keeping u out of their life ie they dont want to give any tention. n moreover they r taking ur help when they need the most tht is for their studies. so dont feel so back keep smiling. after all they will come to u when they r in trouble at tht time most probably thier bf's wont come to them. keep smiling.

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    stop giving them help, they are taking advantage of you. Turn the tables on them and let them know that it hurts when people are not straight up with you. If they are true friends they will understand if not your better off without them

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    try to look for another friend..they're not worth your friendship if they just ignore your shows that there just using you,but doesnt value you as there friend..

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