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Dear Sir/Madam

I'm a Greek MSc student at the university of Greenwich in London doing a course on Financial information systems and i am intrested in doing a research on M-commerce. Would you be kind enough to propose a topic on that field?

I would like to thank you in advance

Regards Nikos Morenos

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    Since it is your research topic, it has to be based on your academic interests and research competencies.

    However, here are some current areas that you may want to look at as starting points:

    I. M-Commerce Technology and Infrastructure

    NTT DoCoMo's i-Mode: Developing Win-Win Relationships for Mobile Commerce, David J. Macdonald (NTT DoCoMo)

    Wireless Devices for Mobile Commerce: User Interface Design and Usability, Peter Tarasewich (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

    Locating the Money, Kirk Mitchell & Mark Whitmore (Webraska Mobile Technologies)

    Towards A Classification Framework For Mobile Location Based Services George, M. Giaglis, Panos Kourouthanassis, and Argirios Tsamakos (Athens University of Economics and Business)

    Wireless Personal and Local Area Networks, Thomas G. Zimmerman (IBM Almaden Research Center)

    The Impact of Technology Advances on Strategy Formulation in Mobile Communications Networks, Ioanna Constantiou & George C. Polyzos (Athens University of Economics and Business)

    II. M-Commerce Theory and Research

    The Ecology of Mobile Commerce: Charting a Course for Success Using Value Chain Analysis, Andreas Rulke, Anand Iyer, & Greg Chiasson (PRTM)

    The Wireless Application Protocol: Strategic Implications for Wireless Internet Services, Stuart J Barnes (Victoria University of Wellington)

    Mobile Business Services: A Strategic Perspective, Jukka Alanen (McKinsey & Company) & Erkko Autio (Helsinki University of Technology)

    Mobile Portals: The Development of M-Commerce Gateways, Irvine Clarke & Theresa B. Flaherty (James Madison University)

    Factors influencing the Adoption of Mobile Gaming Services, Mirella Kleijnen, Ko de Ruyter (University of Maastricht), & Martin Wetzels (Eindhoven University of Technology)

    Mobile data technologies and small business adoption and diffusion: An empirical study on barriers and facilitators, Jeanette Van Akkeren & Debra Harker (University Sunshine Coast)

    We Know Where You Are: The Ethics of LBS Advertising Patricia J. O’Connor (Queens College – City University of New York) & Susan H. Godar (William Paterson University

    Good luck!


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