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Joanne readily agreed that Theo, like the other managers, would be accountable to Martin. Her last comment was, ''I don't want to interfere with your responsibilities Martin. I only want to give Theo a chance to shine at another

property. I'll have HR send you a copy of his file this afternoon.''


Theo Waters was indeed a rising star at Ashcroft. He had bused tables and was a food server in college while he

earned his hospitality degree. After graduation, he entered Ashcroft as a management trainee at the flagship hotel. He was soon promoted to assistant restaurant manager. His first department head position was as the room service manager. Most recently, he was the fine dining restaurant manager. He learned the chain's standards and procedures at the finest and best-run hotel in the chain. Even in this environment, he helped fine-tune an already profitable, smoothly running operation into an even more profitable one. In addition, he was instrumental in launching the company's new award-winning fine dining concept, which the company planned to roll out to other properties, like the Lincoln.

Theo Waters的確是Ashcroft的明日之星。在畢業之後他進入飯店管理界龍頭公司Ashcroft實習,他學習用服務台車進行餐飲服務。他很快晉升為餐廳經理的助理。他第一次所擔任的職位是房務部經理。最近,他成為優秀的餐廳經理。他學習了連鎖標準化流程和連鎖飯店經營的管理。在這樣的情況下,他還是能幫助公司進一步地提升,使一個已經是穩定經營、有獲利的公司的贏利繼續成長。此外,他對公司獲得推行良好的用餐概念的獎有很大的幫助,因此公司計畫要擴展轉出其他的資產,像是林肯。

The next week, Theo arrived at the Lincoln Hotel. At an hour-long meeting, Martin welcomed Theo as the first new member of the high-performance team that would turn the hotel around.



''Theo,'' Martin began, '' it's important that we start things off right. Change is always difficult, but at underperforming hotels, like the Lincoln, change is often resisted, especially if managers and employees perceive changes as personal attacks.''

Update 2:

“Theo” Martin羅開始了,”重要的是我們開始做對了,改變總是會不一樣,但是在管理不善的飯店,像是林肯,雖然改變會被抵抗,尤其是經理們跟員工們認為改變像是人身攻擊。”

以上短文綜合了翻譯軟體...知識網友熱心幫忙 及自力救濟所翻出來的...可以請各位幫我看看"中文翻譯"的地方...有翻的不對或是需要修改讓語句更通順的地方?

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    == 由於字數的限制我拿掉所有的 英文 ==

    == 我將所有我改過的地方 用[]括上 ==


    Theo Waters的確是Ashcroft的明日之星。在畢業之後他進入飯店管理界龍頭公司[當]Ashcroft實習[經理],他學習用服務台車進行餐飲服務。他很快晉升為餐廳經理的助理。他第一次所擔任的職位是房務部經理。最近,他成為優秀的餐廳經理。他學習了連鎖標準化流程和連鎖飯店經營的管理。在這樣的情況下,他還是能幫助公司進一步地提升,使一個已經是穩定經營、有獲利的公司的贏利繼續成長。此外,他對公司獲得推行良好的用餐概念的獎有很大的幫助,因此公司計畫要擴展轉出其他的資產,像是林肯。


    Martin羅[一開始就說],” [Theo, ]最重要的事就是我們[一開始就要做對],改變總是[困難的],但是在管理不善的飯店,像是林肯,[任何的改變都會有阻力的],尤其是當經理們跟員工們認為[任何的]改變[就]像是[對他們的]人身攻擊[一般]。”

    Source(s): 同心合力來翻譯!
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