從網路上得知 貴公司求才的消息,覺得 貴公司是很有發展的潛力,希望 貴公司能給我一個機會,以我的熱誠以及服務態度來替 貴公司盡一己之力,一起創造更多.更好的商機以及服務。

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    My name is ***. There are four members in my family

    including my parents, my older brother and myself. My

    family members are getting along well with each other.

    I graduated for Department of ***(系), *** University

    (***大學,如果不是就自己改). The main subjects I majored

    in school was almost about Chemistry, such as Organic

    Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, and Micro Chemistry. When I

    studied in school, my grades were highly recognized and my

    overall grade during five terms was ranked five in my class.

    I took part in club activities like Oxygen-Rich Dance Club and

    Kong-Fu Club to make me more confident to express myself.

    Respectively, those experiences I acquiring from school are really

    helpful to my current work. After I graduated, my jobs characteristic

    were related to service business. I like to interact with people very

    much because sometimes helping people solving their can let me

    receive recognitions and a sense of achievement. My first job was in

    *** company working as a department salesperson and managing the

    department chores. The company system was not well-built, so I felt

    that my working privileges were not well-protected. I worked there

    for about a year and then decided to find a new job that can provide

    me learning opportunities and well-protect my working privileges.

    Afterwards, I had worked as a department customer service

    representative for different telecom company and I am currently on


    I receive the information via the Internet that your company is looking

    for people joining you. I feel that your company is a potential

    company in the future and I am forward to having an opportunity to

    devote myself with my passion and my good-attitude service in your

    company. Let us create more and better business chances and better

    services together.

    Source(s): 你說你之前公司制度不健全又沒保障在人資的眼中看來很扣分喔!因為他們會認為有一天你也會這樣看待他們公司喔!且三思!我盡量按照你原意翻,再做點改變,不過主要的內容你還是自行斟酌一下,畢竟是你要找工作~~
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    I am ***,Fathers of 4 members , mother , elder brother and I are in the family, the emotion of getting along each other is harmonious.

    Graduate on ********,Main study course is nearly all chemistry in the school, organic chemistry. Analytical chemistry and microchemistry, are affirmed in my achievement of the school, the total achievement of graduation for five years is the top five in the class too.

    Participate in have oxygen dance society and health to complement these corporation activities of societying in the school, let me have self-confidence to express oneself even more.

    As to these experiences,for work that is present really very the helpful, making working nature after graduating is all service trades, like keeping in touch with the crowd very much too oneself, because help others to solve the problem sometimes , can obtain a kind of fulfillment and definite , the first job is here ***The company, the working content is equivalent to the retail sales and sold too and the matters connected with the shop of retail sales is managed, but because company system imperfect, ensure , work time for one year I is it let one it can ensure also work of study to have again to determine probably, job whether telecommunication industry retail sales customer service work all later, still in taking office at present.

    Learn from network that your company asks just news, the potentiality that your company there is development very much that think, hope that your company can give me a chance , takes the place of an own strength to the limit of your company with my cordiality and attitude, create more together. Better business opportunity and service.

    加油喔!^ o ^ ~ ~!

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