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Dating guys with kids?

What do you guys think about dating guys with kids? It seems like all guys I end up dating guys who have kids. It always bothers me, for various reasons. I get jealous of the woman he had kids with, sometimes I even get jealous of the kids. Anyone else experience this? Does this mean there's something wrong with me?

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    No. Its completly natural.

    Society views stepdads and step moms different.. Look at disney! Always painting them stepmothers up as ugly evil nasty things!!!

    Guys get with girls who have kids and they are the saviors! "How great it is for him to take those kids on as his own!"

    I've been with a guy for 6 years and he has 3 kids and it's always a nightmare.. Act like the mom, but you're not the mom and the mom gets to basically run MY house..

    You get with a guy who has kids.. the kids are in the package.. which generally isn't a bad thing.. the bad part is having their mother in the package also.. and moms usually the problem.

    The jealousy is normal.. I'm sure the guy acts differently when the kids are around.. you get put on the backburner ect ect.. then its a constant reminder that he was sexually intimate with that woman.. And of course, the jealous of him paying attention to his ex.. which he has to because that's his baby mama.

    With me, I always notice that he basically kisses baby mamas booty.. and that drives me insane!

    Source(s): No hun, there's nothing wrong with you.
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    No way. There's a reason he didn't stay with his baby mama. I stay away from those kind of guys.

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    You are normal. This is very common. This is why most second marriages don't work out. Find a man who has no children. I mean no children at all. If you find one who see's his kids every other weekend, you will find that, that too, is a nightmare. This is very common. Don't be stupid and think you can pull this off and then a few years from now resent him and his kids while your trying to raise the kid you had with him too. Your kid does not need the drama.

    I realize you don't have a kid with one of these men yet. But think about your future. Think about the kids you WILL have. What kind of home do you want them in?

    Hi kids this is your father who I now hate because he has his "OTHER" kids who I have no control over popping in and out all the time. Is that how you want your kids to grow up? Is that your idea of a the home you wish to create for them? If not then stop dating men with kids.

    Best wishes from a man with kids (5)

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    Omg girl! U are not alone! Lol. Well, actually I have different reasons as to why I don't like dating men with kids, there are 3 reasons: (1) baby mama drama (2) their always broke! (3) I don't have kids, and eventually I want to get married and would defitnetly prefer to marry a man with NO kids I feel otherwise, I would be settling for less. I know most men nowadays have kids so it's hard not to meet them therefore, it's up to US to make the decision. P.S. if u date them, just do it for fun don't let it lead to something serious.

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    It relies upon on once you're up for becoming a mom parent to babies who're not your very own. It does not harm to get intense. only talk it by with him and what he needs. probably the babies want a mom of their lives, or some style of motherly parent thinking there is not one already around. you purely ought to take under consideration of you being there, are you desirous to adhere around for an prolonged time and help him alongside with the babies, using fact in case you at the instant are not waiting for that it does not be honest to offer the babies desire on a motherly parent being there on a often happening foundation. it would be unsettling to ascertain somebody walk out and in of their fathers existence. in spite of the fact that, the father needs to outlive stable words with the mummy of the two. If not he ought to unfastened his babies. Which I doubt he might prefer to ensue. you mustn't circulate digging in too deep. questioning in the event that they'd probably nevertheless have emotions for eachother, if that replaced right into a reason then i'm particular the mummy of the babies may be decrease back in his existence by making use of now.

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    I've been there and done that and had to buy the baby t-shirt. 2 times....

    Run fast every time you meet a guy with kids... it always turns bad!!!!!!!!! I'm stuck in a marriage with an ex that is always in our business and makes our lives hell!

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    Theres nothing wrong with you but if it bothers you then look else where.

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    I just asked the same question.

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