In U.S. 200, how many pounds of pumpkins were produced by major pumpkin-producing states?

In the U.S., how many pounds of pumpkins were produced by major pumpkin-producing states (Illinois, California, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York) in 2004?

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    If this is for FastWeb, their "correct" answer is 998 million. However, their answer is WRONG.

    The total number of pounds for those states is 1,021,900,000 pounds.

    Illinois 457,200,000 pounds

    Califonia 140,400,000 pounds

    Ohio 111,600,000 pounds

    Michigan 100,800,000 pounds

    Pennsylvania 130,000,000 pounds

    New York 81,900,000 pounds

    Total 1,021,900,000 pounds

    The United States Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service shows a total of 1,021,900,000 pounds for those six states.

    Screenshot of query:

    Source(s): 1) Click on "Crops and Plants" on left side of page. 2) Click on "Fruits" in middle of page. 3a) Select "Pumpkins" from the list. 3b) Click [Search]. 4a) Under "State and County Statistics", for "From:" select "2004". 4b) For "To:" select "2004". 4c) For "Select a State below" select "All States, United States". 4d) Click [Get Data]. It shows each of the states production totals. For example, California's production total is 1,404 thousand hundredweight, or 140,400,000,000 pounds. You can sum up these states to arrive at 1,021,900,000 pounds, but the result of the query also shows the total (10,219 thousand hundredweight, or 1,021,900,000 pounds).
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    Regardless of what the math looks like, I tried 1 billion for the answer just to see, and it was wrong. So for the sake of Fast Web, the answer is B. 998 million

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    all human beings's doing this element for fastweb...... if u see my remark plz upload me for ym and that i will shop on updating u with the solutions with quickly information superhighway!!!! forget approximately the stupid math that one guy confirmed! he aint ceremony. the genuine answer is 998 million kilos! i attempted it and it words! my evidence i gained is you're stunning. Congratulations! In 2004, the ideal pumpkin becoming states in the U.S. (Illinois, California, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and new york) produced 998 million kilos of pumpkins properly worth approximately $one hundred million. Illinois replaced into the pumpkin chief, producing 457 million kilos

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    If you are asking this to answer the FastWeb scholarship question the answer is B. - 998 million pounds.

    Good Luck! I hope you win!

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    That's the third time I've seen that question today...what's the deal with pumpkins?

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    998 million

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