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Did anyone see "Nip/Tuck" last night?

I missed it last night. Can you tell me what happened? Thanks

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    Yes, Dr. Faith has developed an obsession with Dr. Troy. Whose relationship with Michelle was revealed to her hubby-by Dr. Faith. Monica came back as the nanny after the guy got sick and Dr. McNamara caught her breastfeeding Conner. He thought about killing her but could not do so and she was hit by a bus & killed instantly. But, Shawn did not tell Julia what happened even though he witnessed it & declared her dead.

    It ended with Dr. Faith getting a tattoo that said "property of Christian Troy".

    Those are the main points.

    Next week looks great!

    Email me if you have a specific question ;)

    Source(s): BTW, I missed the week with the kidney heist. Fortunately, I got a great summary & was able to keep track. Does anyone know if FX has a place you can read an actual recap, not just a few lines?
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    To sum it up. Christian tried to break it off with Michelle, but ended up having to have sex with her because Michelle's hubby found out about them and told them that either he(Michelle's hubby) be able to watch them have sex so that he could see 'the glow' in Michelle's face after she had an orgasm or he would ruin them both. Come to find out Dr.Faith was behind it all because she had been having sessions with Michelle's hubby and telling him to make this 'offer' and it seems like she was the one who told him in the first place because Christian had told her about Michelle while he was removing her tattoo that said property of marco(that's another story). Meanwhile Dr.MacNamara(sp?) seemed to be going crazy because he kept going back in forth with what I guess was his conscience about killing Monica so that

    he wouldn't have to worry about her telling Julia about their affair. He keeps trying to get her to leave,but she refuses and continues to threaten him with telling Julia. The final time she tries to threaten him she goes to his practice and complains about having a nipple infection from Connor feeding off her breast so much(oh yeah Dr.MacNamara caught her breast feeding Connor) and again he fights with his conscience about killing her. Then they get to arguing and it carries to the outside. Eventually she's in the middle of the street yelling at him and a bus comes by fast, hits her and kills her. When he gets home he is feeling conflicted about what has happened, but when Julia asks him what is wrong he brushed it off and lies by saying he's happy or something. Julia wonders why Monica hasn't returned her calls,but Dr.MacNamara doesn't tell her that she was killed.

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    Oh man did you miss one.

    Lets see...

    Monica comes back because their midget male nanny gets sick with the flu and she starts harassing/black-mailing sean and telling him that if he keeps telling her to leave and kicking her out that she's gunna tell Julia about the affair and maybe tell the police that he raped her. Um... Christian's psychologist gets a little too attached to Christian because they banged, apparently shes a nymphomaniac and not to mention obsessive. She asks him to remove a tattoo on her lower back that says Property of Marco. Bert finds out about Christian and Michelle and their affair. The psychologist, out of jealousy of Christian's love for his boss, tells Burt she always talks to patients of the Macnamera-Troy company. She tells him about how his wife is cheating on him with Christian and to tell them they have to have sex in front of him or he'll ruin them. (shut down the business, fire sean and christian, throw her back on the streets). so he does and obviously..they do it in front of him.. heartwrenching =/ and the psychotic psychologist gets a tattoo on her lower back that says: Property of Christian Troy.. and hmm.. oh! Monica goes to sean's office asking him to help her because her nipple is infected from Conor because she breast-fed him.. (weird.. i'm not sure how that worked out but oh well) and he kicks her out and she flips out and yells at him from the road, a bus hits her and kills her.. The end. =) It was a good one.

    Check tv listings for the next time that episode is on.. I'm sure it's sometime this week.. I missed an episode once and it was on again on that friday night. check that!

    Episode: Faith Wolper PhD

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    large ending. format is exciting. mutually because it particularly works i'm not a huge fan of repetition of words with the frequency which you probably did with 'final night'. a stable study however. Compliments.

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    yes and ive been disapppointed with this season so far but i actually enjoyed last night's episode. that getting hit by the bus thing was totally off of final destination. it was great

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    OMG, LOVE this show, that was a perfect summary given by previous person who answered.

    yes next week Dawn Budge returns

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