Has anyone used or gotten an estimate for one of those Bath fitters?

Where they cover your old tub with a new one?

if so, do you like it? How much roughly did it cost? Is it worth it? Is it sanitary?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately I disagree 100% with the previous answer. I have gotten a quote and for a full bath tub it costs minimum $3500 Cdn. I did not purchase it as I ended up renovating my entire bathroom for that price (including brand new tub, sink toilet, drywall, floors and paint etc.) As well, what worries me about the bathfitter is that it is just covering up your old tub. If you have problems underneath your tub you will never know. For example when we took put our old tub we realized the floor underneath was rotten and had to be replaced. Bath fitter would just put everything on top of that so one day your tub might go through the floor. Yikes!

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    1 decade ago

    I have not done so.. have not needed to do so.. but two friends of mine did and it looks great.. but remember... if it is a molded tub (imitation marble) then it might not be possible as they do not have molds to cover such things... They paid, I believe $200 or so

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