Do you think the Confederate flag is a racist symbol?

Okay, I don't personally. I do however, believe that it has been made into a racist symbol by a bunch of bigoted assholes. So, I guess what I am asking is what do people really think when they see the Confederate Flag? A symbol of pride for our country (southern), or a symbol of hate and intolerance?

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    Hmmm...The Confederate Flag's history stems from the Civil War; the Slave-owning states (South) donned the confederate flag. That's probably where the stigma comes from.

    Although The CF is a symbol of Southern Pride, it undeniably has really bad racist connotations that it, unfortunately, probably will not be able to escape.

    There are some people that look at the CF as merely as symbol of the South, which is why Andre 3000 of Outkast (a black hip-hop group) wore a shirt with the CF to glorify his southern heritage (they came from Georgia)

    Unfortunately for the CF, a lot of extreme racists use this flag as a symbol of their hate. So, until they stop using the CF as racist symbol, it will remain one.

    Source(s): Wow, Bullybrian's got a lot of opinions on a lot of things, I see. A couple of bad experiences, I take it?
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    I'm actually not really bothered by the Confederate Flag. The Confederate Flag is usually used as a symbol of southern pride. However with the flag being used in the Civil War in order to preserve slavery, it is usually looked at a being "anti-black". I personally think the Confederate Flag needs a change, it should instead represent the changes in the south, for making it a better place for all minorities. It needs work but its much better than the old days.

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    Unfortunately most people see the Confederate flag as a symbol of slavery. This is a result of civil war-time propaganda that was not corrected after the war was over. We had the same problem after WW II with German and Japanese products.War-time propaganda had built such a hatred for them that Americans would not purchase goods manufactured in those countries. Our government had to design a campaign to reverse the hatred that they had built to insure all americans were willing to go to war. The Civil war was fought to preserve the union and had nothing to do with slavery. However slavery was used about half-way through the war as a propaganda tool to incite people to desire to fight the South. The propaganda (lie) was that we need to go South and free those poor slaves. It did not address the slaves in the North. If slavery were the real issue, then why were there slave states in the North, and why did Grant have to be "ordered" to release his slaves 6 months after the war was over? The truth is that slavery was already outlawed in the North and the South before the war began. When the South succeeded from the Union and drew up their own constitution, they kept the anti-slavery law. No new slaves could be brought into the country. Those who owned slaves (about 10% or less) were "grandfathered" for a certian amount of time. Slavery would have ended automatically if there had not been a war. However, because of the greed of many influential Northern businessmen this propaganda was not corrected because it was still useful in helping them steal land not only from large plantations but from those who never owned a slave. Deep hatred arose in the Southern white towards Northerners and blacks because of this gross error that to this day has never been corrected.

    Most people forget that about 3/4 of the white people of European desent in this country in 1776 were either slaves or indentured servants. Slavery was a way of life in Europe and the rest of the world. If you were not a king or at least wealthy, then you were a slave. People belonged to the land they lived on. If the land was sold, then the people who lived on the land went with the land. They were slaves, period. We have made way too big of a deal over slavery-it needs to be set right.

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    No, the confederate flag is not racist. It is a symbol of the south and should be preserved. The american flag was first and there were many slaves in this country at that time. Why don't they have a problem with that. People who believe flags are racisim are racists themselves. Objects aren't racists...people are.

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    Personally I don't. I think it was taken and made a racist symbol by blacks just to have something else to complain about. Slavery was not the cause of the civil war but merely a side interest. Keep in mind people can take any symbol they want and suit it to fot their needs. Just look at how the blacks have now turned the star of David into a gang sign. Somehow I don't think thats how the Jews intended it to be used either. They still have pride in their symbol though and just ignore what the blacks have done with it. So should we. States rights is still an issue today's government is struggling with. I don't see an end to it but think it should be flown and worn with pride, If the stars and bars offends people they need to read a history book.

    Just leave symbols for the simple minded.

    The truth of the matter is they should be glad they are not in Africa where slavery is still practiced today, famine is rapant, AIDS kills everyone, civil war is a fact of everyday life, female genital mutilation is a right of passage, you could become part of the food chain, you don't have to work for a living you have to work just to stay alive, people still live in straw huts..the list goes on and on the blacks in America should be happy their ancestors were brought over here against their will or not. I know I wouldnt want to live in that shitpit.

    Source(s): I refuse to apologize for what my nation did to become great. My ancestors and I never owned slaves. The blacks today were never slaves. They can wer their African colors all day long, the colors of the people that caught and sold slaves to whites. That is the flag they should be upset with(the red, green, and black)
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    Firstly, the south is not a country. Last time I checked, all 50 states claimed the same flag. Secondly, when I see the confederate flag being flown, I immediately think "racist hick". I find it hysterical that all of these politicians freak out when another group flies a flag other than the stars and stripes, yet completely turn their heads when people do this.

    Bravo Jax, your answer is awesome!

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    No, it never was intended to be racist! It was about freedom. Now it's about that and aso pride! Regional identity. History! Some people don't want others to be happy about Anything.

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    The Confederate Flag's symbol would look great on the side of a jet fighter that just got it's left stabilizer hit and now the planes is spiraling out of control and crash lands into a KKK group that just started their clan meeting, and explodes into a fireball killing all of them.

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    No more so than the original flag of the United States - slavery existed back then too.

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    For me, no. The conferderate flag was not flying on the slave ships. But like you say, for some people it is.

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