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Mayan Calendar- Earth will end in 2016: When will the US realize the Dems are responsible for this?

And finally make them pay? This is clearly a failure of the Clinton administration. If we elect Hillary, it may come by 2012 or earlier!! Open your eyes(and roll them)!!!

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    "When will the US realize the Dems are responsible for this?"

    Ignoring the dispute of the statement, I'd say the serious, unbiased answer is as follows:

    Most of the USA will come to that belief, when most of the USA are Republicans. This should be rather obvious. Members of a group do not find themselves the fault of everything, and the opposing group's members nearly always find their opponents the fault of everything.

    For the record, I think both parties are corrupt, immoral, and overly concerned (exclusively) with their personal wealth/status/advancement. Using cold reason, many issues have a best solution that lies between the Dems and Reps ideas. Since politics are binary (Rep or Dem), and I can not choose a middle ground, I lean Dem. Even if I think their "personal freedoms" ideas get really carried away at times, they have less of the "If you aren't like me, you are wrong" quality.

    The calander part, as well as the body of the message, I will not even comment on.

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    positioned it into context. a million) international warming is actual and worse than human beings think of. 2) With the Patriot Act any sitting president now has the authority to do like Pakistan's president and droop ALL civil rights, droop the two the domicile and Senate all by using putting forward a "national Emergency". 3) The historic accuracy of the Mayan calendar Oh, by using how the ending of the calendar does not mean the top of the international in simple terms the initiating of a sparkling component to existence for the survivors. i spotted that 2 human beings have given this a thumbs down. It in simple terms is going to show you that many human beings could extremely forget approximately a situation than renowned it and do some element.

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    The so-called Mayan calendar end date IS in 2012, not in 2016. It's got nothing to do with politics, or our government, but you go on and think that if it makes you happy.

    Source(s): My sites which include information on the Mayan calendar:
  • I too blame liberal philosophy, "political correctness", and the ACLU for many of our problems, but at the same time some of the republicans are just as guilty.

    No idea how you came to the conclusion the democratic party is responsible for an ancient culture's production of a calender. Sorry, but that is almost as bad as the democrats trying to blame W and the republicans for N. Korea testing a nuke (which Bill gave them the technology), or blaming them for Katrina making landfall, or the price of gas, or blaming them for the Oakland Raiders not winning a football game this year, or blaming them for me cutting my finger at work! Absolutely ridiculous!

    "Open your eyes (and roll them)" yes....I'm rolling my eyes!!!

    I do know one thing...there are poor representatives on both sides, and the way we change that is not by voting for one party or the other....or voting against one party so they lose.......the way we make a positive change in this country is listening to the candidates...deciding who has the best stance on issues that concern you most, who has the strongest spine, and who has the best integrity....regardless of political affiliation! Not saying you have or haven't...but if people do NOT vote....then they shouldn't complain about how things are....period.

    The election of Hillary may bring about the destruction of this country....but it isn't going to be because an ancient calendar ends.

    Oh yeah, our borders!

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    I can blame the Democrats for almost everything, and do, and HC is the worst idea for a presidential candidate anyone has had in a very long time. But what, pray tell, does that have to do with the Mayan calendar which was created long before the Democrats were even an idea?

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    The Mayan calendar sats nothing about the world ending in 2016. That's when the calendar ends, not the world.

    Source(s): common sense
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    No. The mayan calandar is set to end in 2012. It's when we will merge with the 4th dimension. I'm not sure how you can link this to anything political............kinda wierd!

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