How can i reset (DEGAUSS) color on my SONY Trinitron 27" TV?

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The colors have seperated to where the left 3rd of screen is much greener, right side more redish etc... This happened on my computer screen and i finally fixed it by pushing the more
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Most 27 inch Sony's don't have a button to push....If you turn off your TV for 20 minutes and turn it back on, you should hear a "Bong!" sound at startup.....that's your built-in degausser doing it's job, but it fires only when the TV is Cold.....If you don't hear a "Bong" then most likely your degausser needs resoldered due to bad connections.

It's unlikely, but your symptoms also describe a loose yoke, or a bad shadow mask. A good technician will have a test for both problems.


24 years servicing various brands of TV's including Sony.
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  • scott p answered 8 years ago
    Stereo speaker placed too close to set can cause this or any other magnetic source. The set should automatically degauss
    when it is turned on. Need to find the souce of the problem first.
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  • Realist 2006 answered 8 years ago
    If you switch the TV on /off using-mains on off so as to make the set start from cold it will fix itself after a couple tries. Set must start from cold though leave it off for 20 mins. This will make the sets auto degauss operate. Cheers Pete


    45 years fixing Tellys
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  • chupaflor answered 8 years ago
    The secret to degaussing can be found in the ancient manuscripts of Egypt. When they used gauze to wrap the dead they were meant to stay in place. But their belief was that the person would rise (which is why they have all that junk in there with them) so they had a well guarded degaussing process. In other words, you should ask your Mummy.


    "Secret Ceremonies of the Egyptians" by Eliza Cottonmouth
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