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**急急**英翻中 (病歷)

Chief Complaint

PPROM noted>18 hour

Present lllness

This male newborn was borntoa G2P1AA1 34y/o healthy mother via NSD with GA:35+6wks,BBW:2328gm at 20:40 on Oct. 7th in our hospital. There was regular prenatal examination, no prenatal or perinatal insult, no maternal fever and no previous smoking, alcohol, drug or radiation exposure. The APQAR score showed 7->9 at 1 and 5 minutes. PPROM=35hr and 40mins was noted. Prenatal Ampicillin was given. Mild respiratory disrtress with subcostal retraction was note and recover after O2 an A Ambu-bagging at delivery room. No DOIC found. She was admitted to our NBC under the impression of PPROM 32+hr with respiratory distress for further evaluation and management.

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    這新出男嬰生是G2P1AA1.母親34歲身體健康,自然生產加全身麻醉:34+6星期.出生體重:2328克,10月7日下午8時40分在本醫院出生.曾進行定期出生前檢查,無出生前或出生前後發生的問題.母親無發熱,之前無吸煙,飲酒,服藥或暴露於幅射中. 出生后一分钟及五分鐘时APQAR(心率、呼吸、肌张力、喉反射及皮肤颜色)數字為7->9. 早產胎膜早破=35小時及40分鐘(???).出生前給予氨苄青霉素(Ampicillin).輕微呼吸窘迫及肋骨下凹陷,在產房給予氧氣治療及氧氣面罩正壓呼吸便已復原.第一下哭聲並無延遲.他被送到嬰兒室,診斷為早產胎膜早破32+小時及呼吸窘迫,需進一步檢查及處理.

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