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such a fat pig like you這文法有錯嗎?

such a fat pig like you這句話文法有錯嗎?我要寫像你這樣一隻肥豬



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    in fact, pig in western culture symbolized the representative of filth and laziness, not obesity exactly.

    so if you wish to insult someone who is fat, well, fat is actually an abusing vocabulary, you can say, "how could you be so fat like a pig?""no one else could be even fatter than you!! even a pig is slimmer than you!!""you are so fat, do you know that??"even a whale could not be fatter than you!!"

    however, still i have to say you had better be careful for you just said. after all, physical wounds are curable and healable, mental wounds are excluded.

    Source(s): "you are such a whale, do you know that??"
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    也可用 "You look like a fat big."

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    直接寫 "a fat pig like you"比較順, 不過有such也是ok的啦.

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