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Simple legal terms and o

Meaning of;Breach of contract,arrest subpoena,restraining order,conviction,summary conviction,community service,adjournment




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    1. Meaning of - 意義, 內涵

    2. Breach of contract- 違約

    3. arrest subpoena - 拘補的傳票 - 這是比較書面或是正式的用法, 很多人會用 arresting warrant

    4. restraining order- 監禁令, 是禁止令的其中一種, 主要由法官判定禁止其做某事

    5. conviction - 判罪, 也就是被告被法官判有罪

    6. summary conviction (offences) = summary offence, an offence which can be tried without an indictment. In practice, this often means a trial without a jury, jury trials being reserved for indictable offences. 就是指很輕微的罪行, 比如超速

    7. community service 社區服務 (法官如果覺得對方有悔意不判重的話, 有時就會判做社區服務.)

    8. adjournment 延期開庭

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    請問你要多詳細呢? 是指每個單字的個別解釋嗎? 這個我可以再給解釋. 但如果你是法律系的學生的話, 我可能沒有這麼專業.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, myself
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