North Carolina???

Should I choose North Carolina vacation rental or hotel: ??

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    Have you vacationed in North Carolina before? I'd definitely suggest a vacation home rental, especially if you're planning on staying more than a couple days. I absolutely love vacationing on the Outer Banks in NC. It's one of the most beautiful places! When my family goes we rent a vacation home right on the beach, or only a short walk away. When you're in North Carolina, especially on the Outer Banks or the beach, that's where you're going to be spending the majority of your time... on the beach. It's not a big city area, like Orlando, where there's all kinds of night life, entertainment and dining options. It's the type of place you go and just spend time with your family, play on the beach and in the water all day, maybe go for a ride to Cape Hatteras and climb the lighthouse (the largest in the country.) You spend the day at the beach, or whatever, and come back to your vacation home to cook a nice dinner out on the grill, or something. And with the vacation homes, you're usually either right on the beach, or very close. If you're at a hotel you'll most likely have to worry about dirving to the beach and finding somewhere to park everyday. When I go to North Carolina, I know to stay in a vacation home. It's a much better choice, and that's why nearly the entire Outer Banks is covered in vacation homes. Trust me, a vacation home is the way to go.

    Check out this website. This is where I go to pick out my vacation homes in North Carolina. There's so many beautiful homes, of all sizes and prices, so you can find a place perfect for you. There's great pictures of all the homes, too...

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    Personally I just like Hotels. There are so many strings attached with rentals and I just always go with Hotel. My own brother has a beach home and HE doesn't even let me or my other brother use his home. Very Picky he is..! I live about 3 and 1/2 hours from the beaches. Be safe and have fun. From North Carolina.

  • 5 years ago

    NO! North carolina is fulled with ghetto people or redneck people. its not a great place. The stuff here isnt to great either

    Source(s): I live in this dump
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    rent a cabin outside Bryson City - it's quiet and there are a few things to do there including shopping on the Cherokee reservation, mining for gold, fishing, and white water rafting.

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    1 decade ago

    every thanksgiving we got to NC and rent a place, it's great, are so impersonal. the places we stay at feel just like home

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