Electric Car?

Where can you buy an electric car or other extended range vehicle, other than ZAP in california?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you want to buy right now, today, your best bet is an electric conversion. Here's a guy who makes new electric cars out of old 1980s car bodies:




    You can also find used electric cars here:




    Now, those links above will get you into an electric car cheap. Under $5000, if you want to. But if you want newer technology, and a driving range over 100 miles, you'll have to wait a year or two. There are (seriously) at least a dozen electric cars in development right now. Here's a Chinese import EV you can buy next year - it gets 200 miles per charge, and does freeway speeds:




    And here's an exciting electric car from Mitsubishi, that can charge in 20 minutes:




    There's more, too. Keep your eyes open.


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    I do believe Honda, Ford, Gm, and Toyota offer a hybrid car which is gas electric, in other words it will run on electricity until you need more power or your battery goes dead ,then switches to a smaller fuel efficient gasoline engine. Wait a few years and a new fuel cell vehicle will be available which runs on hydrogen and is totally electric. Electric vehicles are not new to the system I do believe in either the twenty's or thirty's ford had one

  • 1 decade ago

    Hybrid? No clue, just go to any dealer.

    Whoa they got electric cars around?? I thought oil companies paid the government not to have these cars around or else they'll kill the person who invented it.

    I do beleive you meant Hybrid, or am I missing something?

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    1 decade ago

    There is tesla motors but they are still a year away from getting there product out. They are very expensive.

    There are lots of kits you can get


    3 wheeler 25000$


    These guys say there car will be available soon


    Then there are 60+ mph electric motorcycles


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