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how do i get an unknown password off my outlook express email account?

this enet account has always been kinda funky. I am in the rep. of panama. have this enet a year by satilite. guys came and installed (only hubby here and clueless)and put a disc in my laptop. nothing odd there.hubby only uses yahoo. later i got in outlook and lots of instant messages and people i didn't know. i fooled around with computer got everything right and later it came back had to change several times before other user stopped using my outlook.everything alright for awhile,now i am locked out with a unknown password. when i get into account options there is no password when i get into manage identity there is no password. but i can't send or receive without the password request coming up and i don't know the password. could the server have put a password on my account to keep me out of it? I am not totally computer stupid but i have tried everything. ideas please.

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    First things first. Outlook express is a program not the email account. You need to find out where the email account is located. This should be at the place you are getting your internet service. This service should be able to reset the password on the account if you are able to prove that the account belongs to you. You will then have to set up outlook express to use this password and username.

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    Those passwords are usually the same as your internet account password for your computer..If not,,you need to call your internet provider

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    It should be the password you set up with your internet service provider.

    If you are sure you never set one, have you tried clicking past the request screen, as if your password was "blank"?

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