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what on mars is the Confederate flag doing at NASCAR?


it was "what onEarth is the Confederate flag doing at NASCAR?"

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    The Confederate Flag that you are referring to is the battle flag of the South during the Civil War and Nascar is a sport originated and has always been a part of the South; thereforth, the Confederate flag is a part of the South's heritage as is Nascar. Yes, they do belong together. Why not???

    The civil war was not about slavery -- it was about taxes. The Confederate Flag was not about slavery or racism. Some hate groups use the Confederate Flag illegally. It sure seems the majority of the people are IGNORANT to these facts!

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    The Confederacy was located in the south.

    The majority of folks in the south are rednecks who still fly the confederate flag, a symbol for the continuation of slavery.

    Rednecks like NASCAR.

    Therefore, there's a Confederate flag at NASCAR.

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    the cofederate flag and nascar racing go back a long time

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    NASCAR is a southern thing I hear. From the days of moonsine running. The debate about hate or southern heritage is too deep for me to get into.... It is time to put our past behind us and move to one people, one nation, under God

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    Those good ol' southern NASCAR enthusiasts just love flying that Confederate flag.

    Maybe some of them really don't know what it represents;perhaps others are still living in the past.

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    nascar originated in the south

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    it's not right

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