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How do you few the Confederate Flag?

I am curious as to how people view the Confederate Flag. I know that people say that it is tied to Southern History, but they never explain its significance. Is this a good or bad significance? I am not asking this question lacking the knowledge of the events leading to the Civil War. I am curious as to how people view the Confederate Flag.


Another question that has come to my mind after posting this question is what do people mean when they say the South will rise again? Is it just some statement that we say and don't think about the meaning or do mean it literally? How will the South rise?

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    The Confederate Flag is the most newsworthy, scapegoat, mixed meaning banner in the U.S.

    It is really no more controversial than most symbols but it just gets more press than most. Klan members burn crosses, fly the American flag, and use other symbols to do the crazy crap they do but we as a people ignore all except the Confederate Flag.

    Heritage is simple and really open to your belief. The flag was carried by the Confederates during the war. The people who lived to tell the tales saw it as a honorable thing. Look at history books or visit museums not only are flags usually pictured but you will notice Civil War units of both sides stitched the names of the battles that unit was in. A battle flag in general of that era was considered an honor to carry. People would lay down muskets to pick up the flag and carry it steps only to be shot down again.

    We attach the meaning of a flag to what we know today. Flags are not carried so much into battle. We see it as a symbol but its purpose and place on the field of battle has been pushed back.

    The Confederate Flag has good and bad significance as do all flags including our own "Old Glory".

    The link Southerners feel toward the Confederate flag is not any different than what most feel for the American flag even though slavery lived longer, Native Americans were slaughtered and moved off thier lands, and many more hardhips were indured under Old Glory.

    In the end we look to the good things the red white and blue represents and rarely bring up the fact of the terrible things it also carries. Its not so hard to understand Southerners who defend the flag for heritage do the same as the Confederate Flag is just an adjusted banner of the American Flag.

    It is a tie to a revolution that died but not from a lack of blood or devotion. People who wish to preserve that belief "not slavery in general" but rather the thought of freedom and sacrifice give great merit to the flag.

    That is one small part of that view of the flag. There are many more that involve hate, family, and some just have a love for the symbol without explanation.

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    The Confederate Flag is a symbol

    Idolatry is worshipping other things besides the one true God. Consistently throughout the Bible it is made very clear that idolatry is unacceptable.

    The Confederate Flag is protected by many with such fervor.... I think it drowns out the voice of God and allows anger and hate to thrive.

    2014 - The KKK are still recruiting.

    2015 - 9 Black Churchgoers are shot in church

    The Confederate flag is currently a symbol of the KKK and the shooter. 9 years ago this question resulted in thumbs down for anyone who gave their perspective on the racist aspect of the confederate flag. Readers chose to ignore the bad and uphold the good. Hate was not stifled. The right to hate was upheld just as when the Confederacy was lost.

    Until we acknowledge that perhaps this symbol has been too steeped in hate to salvage then the hate will grow and fester and hit a tipping point as it always does. The flag will be used to kill more innocent people. Whether you participate in it or not, it will be a tool of hate and a source of grief in the future. I question those who feel it is in the best interest of our country to be ok with that, as long as we can hold on to our symbols.

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    often as quickly as I see a accomplice flag on somebody's vehicle or motorbike I ask them what it potential to them, what the symbolism is. i haven't met everybody so a techniques who can clarify the symbolism of the flag. To them it basically potential they're a 'revolt', a troublemaker. They do it in basic terms for marvel value, different than no person is quite a great deal shocked anymore. Their feeling is that yeah, the South lost the Civil conflict, yet they never gave up. They nonetheless harbor that feeling of revolt, the sensation that Washington and northern Liberals can no longer tell them what to do. They experience they have been compelled to rejoin the Union against their will. And in various circumstances it truly is consistent with lack of know-how. Rick Perry, working example, made various political progression by telling human beings in Texas that they might secede from the Union in the event that they needed, that the circumstances decrease than which they joined the U. S. have been that they might pass away any time. If Perry truly believes that the he's basically too ignorant to be the governor of a sizable state. If he does not truly have self belief it then he's pushing a brilliant lie. Which do you think of it is? I spent some days in Richmond, VA, some years in the past. it is an extremely exciting city, and that i replaced into attracted to historic previous so I visited some historic websites. I visited the church the place the Virginia residing house of Burgesses met in the time of Colonial circumstances, and the place Patrick Henry made his 'Liberty or death' speech. interior the present shop replaced right into a huge accomplice Flag with the words embroidered around it 'provide me liberty or provide me death!' Now how inconsistent is that? 8^) The museum handbook reminded us all that Henry owned slaves while he made that speech. possessing slaves replaced into area of his concept of 'liberty'.

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    It is a part of southern history, however it is also a part of America's darkest moment. It is a sign of rebellion and disatisfaction. The south's need to fly it goes to show you that those who lose war never forget while the victor simply moves on. The COnfederate flag is a way of remembering that the south will rise again.

    I'm from the birthplace of the democracy and I feel the same way about the confederate flag as I'm sure a German feels about the sawstika.

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    To my way of thinking ,,,,, the confederate flags symbolizes a people in that time of our nations history that were traitors to the United States ,,,,,, They were ready and willing to threaten and jeopardize the sovereignty and integrity of our nation for their own opinions,,,, life style and way of life ,,,,,Hitler did the same thing in his own country and tried to do it to the world ,,,,,,The flag symbolizes a serious lack of loyalty to the constitution of the United States which was drawn up and ratified buy the founders of this nation that ALL men could live under,,,,, The confederates enjoyed a lavish life style that they embraced at the expense of other peoples labor ,,,,, They didn't earn it for themselves ,,,,,, Some documentaries on the civil war states that they went in to the civil war as yanks and rebs and came out Americans ,,,, I consider that wrong,,, The confederates were TRAITORS,,,, to the nation that was established for the benefit of all ,,,,,,, and so were it's leaders from Lee to Jefferson Davis ,,,, The south had no right or business doing what they attempted to do ,,,,,Their land might have belonged to them but the territory their land was in belonged to the nation ,,,,,,It is part of the Union ,,,,,,, What do they do to traitors to day ?,,,,, What did they do to the traitors that sold the secrets of the atomic bomb to Russia ?,,,,,They executed them ,,,, Lee ,,,, Davis ,,, and all the other confederate leaders should have faced the same fate ,,,, They were the authors of death to thousands and thousands of loyal American lives ,,,, Lives that ,,,,,,, who knows ,,,,, could have been very beneficial to the betterment of the nation ,,,,,, Just who do these people think they were to try and force their will on a nation of people with armed conflict ,,,,,? The confederate flag has lines that if they were reshaped ,,,,,,, could easily be formed into the shape of the swastika ,,,,,, I don't know if you agree with my opinion but I know that I'm not alone,,,,,, but you asked ,,,,,, so there it is ,,,,,,,, Yoda said this ,,,,,

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    Usually with my eyes.

    It all depends on the context in which it is flown. During a skinhead or KKK rally it's probably not a good thing. On the other hand where I live, in the DEEP rural south, it's not unheard of to see it flown in front of ones house or business. And yes, contrary to popular belief, blacks display it about as often as whites do.

    To me personally, as a Damn Yankee, it's a benign symbol of the past and a part of the heritage of the South.

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    Personally, I like the flag a lot. It is what it is used for as a symbol that I have hard issues about.

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    As a symbol of the Southern states.

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    As a symbol of racism...

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