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What are some good kids poems that are 20 lines? it's for a 5th grader.?

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Love poems:

Friendship poems:


Some of these aren't 20 lines but they are pretty helpful. You can do some reasearch. There were also some sad poems and stuff, but i didn't think a 5th grade studnet should be reading anything sad.

This is a site about halloween poems, since halloween's here!


You can also check some poem books:

Shel Silverstein
Jack Prelutsky

hope i helped!
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  • ahlee123@verizon.net answered 9 years ago
    please excuse my dog
    he is very rude,
    he always whines at dinnertime
    asking us for food

    he won't wear a pair of pants
    or put on a shirt
    but worst of all he will not shower
    to wash away the dirt

    when he's thirsty
    and wants to take a drink
    he takes it from the toilet
    instead of from the sink

    when i'm on the telephone
    he barks so i can't hear,
    and when he sees a stranger
    he bites them in the rear

    when i complained to mommy
    she said i though u knew
    that though he is very bad
    he learns by watching u

    when i said this in fifth grade everyone said it was very funny
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  • angelicalopez03 answered 9 years ago
    Im a fifth grader but the poem i know is long we had to memorize it for a grade!!!!
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  • Kimberli answered 9 years ago
    check out Shel Silverstein
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  • Jer G answered 9 years ago
    do it yourself, cheater.

    Kids these days...
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  • JesusC<3 answered 9 years ago
    ya right
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  • what are some good kids poems that are 20 lines? it's for a 5th grader.?
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