Can somebody tell me what this crazy dream means?

I dont remember dreams ever. Every morning I wake up and feel like I didnt dream at all, but throughout my life Ive remembered like maybe 10 dreams total. This one sticks with me since childhood.

I am riding to my old friend Caitlin's house in a carriage pulled by a big brown horse. My parents are with me, but it starts to snow. We live in cold weather so this normally wouldnt bother me, but in the dream we all freak out. When we pick up Caitlin, I look back down the road and the snow is piling up fast. When I look back forward again, there is a big drift in the middle of the road. Although I dont know where we are going next, we must get there so we go off the road and into the woods. In the next thing I remember, suddenly we are in a canoe sliding down the hill thro the woods. The canoe hits a rock and stops next to a porcupine. Then I wake up.

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    Carriage: 1.) one needs to be helped along in some situation. 2.) one wants to have a baby.

    Friend: 1.) aspects of personality. 2.) happy news, welcome news. 3.) regression or childishness (childhood friend). 4.) difficulty letting go of the past (childhood friend).

    Riding: 1.) sexual intercourse. 2.) feelings of control - often in life, frequently in relationships. 3.) the means or route to success in business, wealth. 4.) social mobility (to ride a horse).

    Horse: 1.) sexual energy. 2.) intelligence. 3.) wildness, mystery (dark horse). 4.) purity (white horse).

    Brown: 1.) good fortune in the offing, often in financial affairs. 2.) practical matters. 3.) waste and decay.

    Parents: 1.) the 'parenting' roles and aspects in a broad sense; nurturing, shelter, unconditional love and support. 2. relationship between the dreamer and parents. 3.) approaching change, often in aspects of life or personality (if dreamng of being a parent when the dreamer is not). 4.) good luck and prosperity.

    Snow: 1.) if snow is falling, it reflects an inner emotional life of tranquility. 2.) playing in the snow suggests one is happy with oneself. 3.) shoveling snow suggests one is clearing away emotional blockages. 4.) desire to cover up problems, however temporary the cover-up may be. 5.) desire to return to childhood.

    Abnormality: if the dream does not reflect waking reality, but inclueds images such as trees that are purple or a dog that purrs, then one is struggling to come up with a solution to difficult-to-understand problems.

    Search (looking backwards, then forwards again): 1.) something missing in one's life. 2.) seeking a solution to problems. 3.) need for new knowledge or relationships.

    Road Block: 1.) destiny or life path not going smoothly. 2.) goals not being hindered by someone or something.

    Unknown: 1.) if an unknown person appears in one's dream, that person represents a part of oneself that is not known to the dreamer. 2.) one is wondering where to seek help and advice to solve a problem.

    Road: 1.) destiny. 2.) immediate destiny in pursuit of goals. 3.) good health.

    Off: 1.) want to be rid of someone. 2.) someone turns one off. 3.) someone gets one off.

    Woods: 1.) one's overall view of life: if the woods are healthy, the view is positive; if the woods are broken down, etc, then one's life view is not positive. 2.) adventurous.

    Canoe: 1.) autopsy. 2.) smooth. 3.) get away from it all.

    Floating: 1.) indicates balance, a feeling of lightness, unburdened and unencumbered - often a journey through the unconscious, sometimes a spiritual one. 2.) freedom, obstacles can be overcome with less worry (note condition of water).

    Hill: 1.) a large undertaking or project. 2.) an obstacle. 3.) success (standing at the top). 4.) very good luck. 5.) woman's breast.

    Hitting: 1.) repressed anger seeking outlet in inappropriate ways. 2.) intensifiying conflict, with likely irreversible consequences.

    Porcupine: 1.) a 'prickly' proect or situation is underway. 2.) vulnerability, defensiveness, a need to keep the world at a distance. 3.) greater success will generate greater responsibilities.

    These are the definitions that I could find in my dream dictionary book. I hope some of them were of use to you.

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    It could mean that you live your life in the moment. You try not to look back at the past because its just that, the past (hence, the snow piling up not letting you see anything behind the carriage). You're not sure where you want to go or what you want to do for your future, so you tend to just go along and perhaps take "side roads" every now and then. Everytime you take another turn in your life, you tend to be on a different mission (hence the reason you ended up in the woods, then in a canoe). The last stop, hitting a rock, just means that is you right then and there. You were stuck at a certain point in your life in which you were doing the same thing but really didn't know what was next. The people in your dream were probably just people who were important to you at that point in your life (and who you probably dragged along in your quest to figure out what you want in life).

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    Sounds like a dream of adventure. Maybe in your childhood, you are seeking for adventure.

    big brown horse = some authority, support

    snow in dream = need to be protected

    canoe sliding = difficulties

    Perhaps, in your childhood, you have experience something that you need to show someone and yet you don't get it. You are seeking for attention. Projecting a cold weather and canoe sliding and hitting a rock symbolizes some sort of difficulties, problem you have had experience. You are seeking for some support some sort since childhood. Perhaps this could mean you were not getting stuff you should have gotten when you were young. Subconsciously, being in a adventurous situation will vent out your helpless feeling

    Source(s): God's given insight in dreams
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    That one day you are going to go to alaska and go on a wild hunt in the rivers searching for and amazing new fish just discovered... as you go along the river starts to freeze a little so you and your friends run out of the canoe... their on the side you see a porcupine and give it to your son as a pet... then you go to a local visitor store and you buy a toy carrage and give it to your daughter... THE END

    haha... i really dont know... I have the same things as I have dreams but only remember about 3... and mostly people are dieing so i say you got lucky...

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    I'm going to believe that you are having dreams from a previous fascination of The Donner Party. Perhaps the canoe part is just an escape method or what not.

    Source(s): i dunno
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    1 decade ago

    Your doing some coke with this big brown stud Caitlin, and you

    thinking that you and Caitlin are going with the flow and getting into a sticky situation!

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    If its a recurring dream/nightmare than you should ask a professional about it. I believe that you are close to your family and stick together through your travels.

  • 1 decade ago

    since childhood, eh? How old are you now? It couldn't have meant anything too bad since you are asking this question now.

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