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what happens to the banana as it ripes?

what happens to the banana as it ripes

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    first of all you must understand the chemical makeup of a banana. the banana is a very complex fruit that breaks down over a short period of time after it is picked. because it is a soft fruit it is very susceptible fruit that contains A.D.S.P.T.U.D. (acidic demonucleic scapotiolotive prosome tipocoulive uterinen disposomive) this chemical makeup causes the fruit to decay over a period of about 2-3 days and reducing the temp, like say by refridgeration will prolong the banana life span of perhaps 6-7 days!! And furthermore, the banana is a great treat!! and this is what happens to the banana !!!

    any more ?'s..???

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    It is good to eat for a few days and then get kind of rotting and fungi start to take over and it should be thrown away. The cells inside start to get old and die without making new ones, the cold will just keep the cells living a little longer and then it spoils.

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    Enzymes cause a breakdown of the banana pulp which causes the fruit to soften and bring out the sugar which makes it sweeter.

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    Besides turning brown and mushy?

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    it becomes banana bread

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    This website tells you all the stages of ripening of a banana. I actually learned something new today. Thanks!!

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    They get softer and mushier.

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    it changes a different color? If ur askin y, then idk

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