What happened on Monday (the 9th) episode of "Heroes"?

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    Claire's attempts at romance with the football quarterback take a tragic turn. Hiro convinces his friend that it is their destiny to travel to America to save the world. Meanwhile, Nathan uses Peter's accident for his own politcal gain. Matt, Suresh, and the FBI are on Sylar's trail.

    Heroes 1.3 FAQ

    What’s It Called?

    “One Giant Leap.”

    What does TV Guide say?

    Hiro sets about proving to Ando (James Kyson Lee) that he is meant to save the world; Matt is questioned by FBI agent Audrey Hanson (Clea DuVall) about suspected serial killer Sylar, who Mohinder learns had a connection with his dead father; Peter marvels at his newfound ability to fly, while Nathan makes a calculated move to keep the truth from the press. Also, Claire's attempt to maintain normalcy in her life proves difficult; Niki visits Micah's paternal grandmother; Isaac pushes Simone away.

    What is TV Guide not telling us?

    Eden finds the key to Sylar’s apartment taped inside Chandra Suresh’s diary. They even find the killer’s exciting “Forgive Me” room.

    Is Ando still difficult to convince?

    Ando out-Scullys Dana Scully this week. Hiro shows him the comic book, which actually shows Ando saying something before Ando says it, and Ando – incredibly - continues to disbelieve. Happily, even more dramatic evidence is presented in the next Ando scene.

    Is Matt awaiting trial for murder by episode’s end?

    Matt does not get a happy ending this week.

    Does Peter or Nathan fly this week?

    No. But Peter and Nathan do a lot of non-superpowered stuff this week.

    Does Claire have her weekly improbably grisly mishap so we can see her use her superpower?

    She does.

    Do we see more scooped-out skulls this week?

    Not this week.

    Do we learn why this Syler guy steals brains? Is he a zombie?

    The brain fetish is not explained this week.

    Why does Niki visit Micah’s grandma?

    While digging in the Nevada desert, she discovers something connected to her prison-escapee husband.

    Does Niki’s id eviscerate grandma?

    Not this week.

    What’s doing with Isaac the artist?

    Hiro phones to warn him of Sylar, but inexplicably does so only in Japanese - even though Ando, who speaks English, is standing right next to him.

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    I don't know any of the characters names from memory yet, but it was an awesome episode. The woman with the son (who did the strip dances on the internet) found a body in the desert with a ring that was identical to all of the men that had been in her husband's "gang".

    The Japanese guy saved a girl from getting run over by freezing time, which convinced his friend of his powers and they decided to fly to New York.

    The cheerleader was almost raped by the quarterback when she fell and her head was skewered by a log. (So he thinks she's dead.) She wakes up in the morgue when the log is pulled out of her head.

    The politician told everyone at a party that his brother tried to kill himself. The brother told the artist's grilfriend that he loved her, and they kissed in the end.

    IF I am forgetting anything I apologize, but it is a difficult show to give a short synopsis. Maybe you could get more info from someone else.

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    You can go to www.nbc.com and click on the Heroes show and it will give you pics and caps on the Monday night show. I think you can even watch part of it.

    Check it out. Have a great day.

    Source(s): www.nbc.com
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    Hiro convinces Buddy to travel with him to America in order to save the world. He also does this awesome time-stopping trick to save a little girls life, and it's cool and adorable, all at the same time. Nathan tells everyone that Peter's flying trip was really a botched suicide attempt, and the brothers are now at odds with each other. Peter also makes out with Simone after he tells her he's in love with her and she decides that heroin addicts make lousy boyfriends.

    Niki buries her dead out in the desert, only to find a big skull ring on one of the corpses that's already six feet under. The ring belonged to one of the members of Niki's husband's gang. Her hubby apparently stole a bunch of moola from the one mobster in Vegas that everyone steals/borrows from and then killed his own gang. SeanMatt proves to Clea that he can read minds when he listens in on her thoughts of low self-esteem. Sylar shows up and tries to steal the little girl from last week, and Clea and chases him down. He uses his Jedi mind tricks to get Clea to put her own gun to her head. SeanMatt shoots him dead and Clea is saved, but Sylar just gets up like nothing happened and runs off. We never see his face, so god only knows who the hell he really is or if we'll ever find out.

    Mohinder pays a visit to Sylar's pad in Queens, and he and Pixie discover that not only is Sylar a neat freak who likes plastic-covered furniture, but he's also just a FREAK freak who collects specimens of things in dusty jars, has a map of all the Heroes on his wall just like Papa Suresh, and has a gargantuan guilt complex, judging by all the "I have sinned" scratches on his bathroom tiles. Suresh calls in the police, but by the time they get there, Sylar the Super Neat has cleaned the place out.

    And finally, Claire gets frisky with a jockstrap quarterback, but decides she's not ready to go all the way. He's quite the little rape artist, though, and he attacks her. Unfortunately, he drives her jugular right into a gardening tool. Even more unfortunately, she comes to on the coroner's table after the tool is removed and looks down at her chest to see that she's been flayed like a Christmas goose. How the hell she'll recover from that one, I don't know. Not so invincible now, huh, Claire?

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    You can get a very detailed plot recap with photos here at this site:


    Hope this helps!

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    Go to www.nbc.com and watch it. They always post the shows on the web.

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